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Asian Chef De Cuisine

Hotel Brand: InterContinental
Location: Mauritius, Balaclava

Hotel: Resort Mauritius (MRUMA), Balaclava Fort, Coastal Road, Ville Valio

Job number: 103264

  • Prepares, Applies organization skills for mise en place, cooks, serves and stores the following dishes:
    • Authentic Asian Regional Dishes and Modern Fusion example Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian and Japanese dishes, sushi and sashimi and Dim Sum.
    • Appetizers, Savories, Salads and Sandwiches
    • Sauces
  • Produces hot and cold sauces for menu items ensuring consistency
    • Eggs, Vegetables, Fruit, Rice and Farinaceous Dishes
    • Poultry and Game dishes
    • Meat dishes
    • Fish and shell fish ,specialty seafood dishes
  • Prepares a range of vegetable dishes using regional cooking principles and specialty food presentation
    • Buffet  and BBQ Food
  • Prepares and presents Asian food for beach buffets
  • Organizes Asian Breakfast Buffets for special events
  • Stores Asian buffet items
  • Actively Performs Show Teppanyaki in the Restaurants Live Teppanyaki Station
  • Communicates politely and display courtesy to guests and internal customers
  • Provides direction to the Kitchen helpers, including Chef de Parties, Commis, Cooks, Kitchen Attendants and Stewards
  • Communicates to his/her superior any difficulties, guest or internal customer comment and other relevant information 
  • Establishes and maintains effective employee working relationships
  • Attends and participates in daily briefings and other meetings as scheduled
  • Attends and participates in training sessions as scheduled
  • Cleans and re-sets his/her working area
  • Implements the hotel and department regulations, policies and procedures including but not limited to:
    • House Rules and Regulation
    • Health and Safety
    • Grooming
    • Quality
    • Hygiene and Cleanliness

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