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招聘主管 Recruitment Supervisor

Marca del hotel: Hualuxe
Ubicación: China continental, Fujian, Xiamen

Hotel: XMNAD - HUALUXE Xiamen Haicang

Número de trabajo: HOTEL49614

About Us

Interview Line Associates

·        面试员工

·        Liaison with recruitment agencies and hotel schools


·        Co-ordinate work experience programs


·        Manage the on-line recruitment through the Hotel Web Site


·        Site inspections for schools, colleges, and universities


·        Correct and timely placement of internal and external advertisements


·        Liaises with individuals outside the hotel including, but not limited to, employee benefits representatives, attorneys, applicants, government officials, colleges and universities, competitors and other members of the local community

·        与酒店外的相关人员保持密切联系,包括但不限于,员工代表,律师,应聘人员,政府官员,大专院校,竞争对手和社区其他成员

·        Manages Human Resource Department, ensuring compliance with all Corporate, area and hotel policies and procedures; and current local and government regulations pertaining to employment practices

·        确保按照集团,地区和本地政府的政策管理人力资源,并适合本酒店实际情况

·        Assists the Human Resource Manager, where appropriate, in the development and preparation of the Hotel’s Strategic Plan, Marketing Plan and Goals Programme在酒店远景发展策略,市场计划和目标方案等适当区域协助人力资源经理。

·        Ensures clear lines of communication exist to disseminate information affecting employer - employee relations, employee activities and hotel policies and programmes 


·        Prepares and submits periodic reports for management’s use in accordance with Corporate and government requirements, such as turnover reports, personnel inventories, absenteeism reports, health and safety, accident reports etc.


·        Maintains and updates files on employee records, legal documents and other Personnel matters, efficiently and confidentiality 


·        Maintains effective communications at all levels of management and staff


·        Assists in maintaining and creating a positive atmosphere within the hotel that allows for open two way communication that ensures morale and productivity reach the highest possible levels


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