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S&M Coordinador 销售协调员

Marca del hotel: Holiday Inn
Ubicación: China continental, Anhui, Fuyang

Hotel: FUGFY - Holiday Inn Fuyang

Número de trabajo: HOTEL46607

About Us

• Prepare all administration documents required by the Hotel sales team 按酒店销售团队的要求准备各种行政文件。 • Attend to telephone, fax, email enquiries in a timely manner 及时答复通过电话、传真和电子邮件进行的问询。 • Co-ordinate all familiarizations and site inspections as required 按要求协调所有宣传活动和现场考察事宜。 • Attend monthly sales meetings 参加每月的销售会议。 • Attend to all sales department mail and maintain a correspondence data base 处理所有销售部的邮件并维护通信数据库。 • Assist with direct mail campaigns 协助直邮广告工作。 • Maintain filing systems (manual and electronic) 维护档案系统(手写版及电子版)。 • Maintenance and management of data base 维护和管理数据库。 • Assist with promotions and familiarizations where requested 按要求协助促销和宣传活动。 • Organize Trade shows, functions and exhibitions where applicable and advised by Superiors 可视情况在上级的建议下组织商展、活动和展览。 • Assist with compilation of annual budgets, business plan and regular action plans 协助编订年度预算、业务计划和日常工作计划。 • Assist with tender submissions 协助投标事宜。 • Work with other IHG properties and assist superiors including regional sales personnel to sell their properties 与洲际酒店集团的其它酒店合作,并对上级提供协助,包括对地区销售人员的销售工作提供协助。 • Liaison with advertising agency 与广告机构联系。 • Stock control of collateral 负责对宣传品的库存管理。 • Execute advertising/creative briefs in a timely manner 及时进行广告创意说明。 • Create artwork and have collateral input for flyers for direct mail purposes & assist with promotional activities for rooms & conference 制作礼品和用于直邮的宣传单,以及协助客房和会议室的促销活动。 • Maintain and update promotional flyers 保持并更新促销宣传单。 • Maintain stock of printed material 保管印刷品的库存。 • Co-ordinate and maintain supply of corporate gifts and promotional items 协调并保持企业礼品和促销用品的供应。 • Assist with the preparation of new products and services 协助对新产品和新服务的准备工作。 • Assist with the planning and development of promotional strategies and marketing plans for the hotel 协助酒店促销策略和市场计划的策划。 • Distributes sales leads 分派销售线索。 • Work in line with business needs 依照业务需求开展工作。

Your day to day

• Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company. • 具有代表酒店,品牌和公司与顾客,员工和第三方交往的能力。 • Problem solving, reasoning, motivating, organizational and training abilities. • 具有解决问题,推理,号召,组织和培训能力 • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office • 精通微软办公软件 • Good writing skills • 良好的写作技能 1 year related experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience. 1年相关工作经验,或与此相当的教育与工作经验结合的背景

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