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Supervisor de reservas 预订 主管

2482x804-reservas de hoteles
2482x804-reservas de hoteles

Hotel Brand: Vignette Collection
Location: China, Shanghai

Hotel: Shanghai Snow World Hotel (SHAGN), No.1 Lane 399, Yinfei Road, Nanhui New Town, Pudong New Area, 200135

Job number: 120173

  • In absence of Manager, conducts shift briefings to ensure hotel activities and operational requirements are known 
  • 在经理缺席的情况下主持交接班说明会,确保员工了解酒店的活动和运营要求
  • Sell the InterContinental Hotels Group products and services using up-selling and suggestive selling techniques
  • 运用销售技巧和房间销售升级推广洲际酒店集团的产品和服务
  • Promote the Hotel’s (and ICHG generally) products and services
  • 推銷酒店(以及整个洲际酒店集团)的产品和服务
  • Maintain a high level of product and service knowledge about all ICHG Hotels in your region
  • 充分了解所在地区的洲际酒店集团成员的产品和服务
  • Develop and maintain a regular pattern of sales calls
  • 发展和保持定期进行销售拜访的模式
  • Prepare and execute action plans which increase reservation sales and associated business
  • 准备和执行增加预订销售和相关业务的工作计划
  • Record and process reservations made by phone/fax/email
  • 记录和处理通过电话,传真,电子邮件进行的预订
  • Accept wait list reservations
  • 接受等待名单预订
  • Process amendments to reservations such as extensions, early departures, etc
  • 修改延期和提前离店等特殊情况的预订记录
  • Manage “no show” reservations by investigation and recording of same 
  • 调查和记录未按预订抵店的预订情况
  • Record special billing arrangements for groups and conventions
  • 对团队和会议的特别账单安排进行记录
  • Liaise with Front Office Manager or Finance Manager for all reservations requiring credit approval
  • 与前厅部经理或财务经理联系所有要求信用审批的预订事宜
  • Maintain knowledge of special rates/ offers/ promotions
  • 掌握关于特价,优惠,促销活动的信息
  • Monitor reservation levels and inform Managers of current and future occupancy rates
  • 监测预订情况,并向经理通报目前和将来的入住率
  • Prepare reports as requested (eg to travel agents, business houses etc)
  • 按照要求准备报告(如给旅行代理和商业机构报告等)
  • Prepare reservation sales reports
  • 准备预订销售报告
  • Works with superior on manpower planning and management needs
  • 和上级一起进行人力规划和管理需求。
  • Works with superior in the preparation and management of the Department’s budget
  • 和上级领导一起编制和管理部门预算。

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