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Gerente de Reservas- 预定 经理

Marca del hotel: Holiday Inn
Ubicación: China continental, Anhui, Fuyang

Hotel: FUGFY - Holiday Inn Fuyang

Número de trabajo: HOTEL46094

About Us

• Monitor the daily operations of reservations 监督日常预订业务。 • Control rooms inventory including allocation and reservations to areas of maximum yield and black out dates 管理客房清单,包括对最佳效益区的客房及禁止预订日期的分配和预订进行管理。 • Develop and conduct rooms based marketing activities 开展和实施以客房为基础的市场活动。 • Track sales programs/promotions/advertising and provide feedback as necessary to relevant departments 跟踪销售计划,促销活动,广告,并向相关部门提供必要的反馈。 • Track and establish pick up trends, occupancy history and market segment development to facilitate forecasting 记录散客驱势,入住率记录和市场细分发展情况来协助预测工作。 • Monitor front office tracking of guest history data 监督前厅部对客人档案的记录工作。 • Create and maintain allotments 建立并维护客房分配方案。 • Record and analyze guest questionnaires on a monthly basis 每月对客户问卷调查表进行记录和分析。 • Ensure accuracy of guest history and client profiles in Data Base 确保数据库中客人记录和客户资料的准确性。 • Track market codes 记录市场代码。 • Load and maintain rates in IHG reservation system 将房价下载至洲际酒店集团预订系统并进行维护工作。 • Maintain rate in Website 维护网上房价。 • Collate, maintain and distribute relevant information and data obtained from both existing sources (consultants, economic forecasters) and external sources 编写、保管和发放从现有信息来源(顾问、经济预测师)和外部信息来源获得的相关信息和资料。 • Manage Hotel Bank and GDS close out/opening-up dates, if applicable 管理酒店银行及全球分销系统的开关日期 (适用的话)。 • Complete end of month sales report 完成月末销售报告。 • Prepare weekly sales strategy reports 准备每周销售策略报告。 • Ensure all Groups are contracted 确保与所有团队签定合同。 • Conduct market research and analysis 开展市场调研和分析工作。 • Monitor and evaluate contemporary sales and marketing initiatives and trends 监测和评估現代市场销售活动及潮流。 • Monitor and evaluate economic, political and social issues/changes 对经济、政治和社会问题及变革进行监测和评估。 • Report on competitor activity 报告竞争对手的活动。 • Chairs and conducts Sales Strategy meetings weekly or as directed by Regional Sales & Marketing Manager 主持和召开每周的销售策略会,或按地区市场销售经理的安排开会。 • Participate in preparation of strategic plans for region 参与地区战略计划的制定工作。 • Consider and comment on economic, political, social activity and trends which are likely to influence business outcomes 考虑并评论可能会影响业务结果的经济、政治和社会活动及潮流问题。 • Access and assess sales and marketing data 进入并评估市场销售数据。 • Works with superior on manpower planning and management needs 和上级一起进行人力规划和管理需求。 • Works with superior in the preparation and management of the Department’s budget 和财务总监一起编制和管理部门预算。

Your day to day

•Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company. 具有完全代表酒店,品牌和公司与顾客,员工和第三方交往的能力。 •Problem solving, reasoning, motivating, organizational and training abilities. 具有解决问题,推理,号召,组织和培训能力 •Good writing skills 具有良好的写作能力 Qualifications – 学历 •Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management, Business Administration, or related field preferred. 具有酒店管理,商业管理或相关领域的学士学位 Experience – 经验 •3 years related experience or two years reservations/front office experience including management experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience 3年相关的工作经验,或2年预订部或前台经验包括管理经验,或与此相当的教育与工作经验结合的背景

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