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Human Resources Supervisor 人力资源主管 - Crowne Plaza

Marca del hotel: Crowne Plaza
Ubicación: China continental, Hubei, Shennongjia

Hotel: HPGSH - Crowne Plaza Shennongjia

Job number: HOTEL47571

About Us

• Interview Line Associates 面试员工 • Liaison with recruitment agencies and hotel schools 与猎头公司和酒店学校取得联系。 • Co-ordinate work experience programs 协调实习生计划。 • Manage the on-line recruitment through the Hotel Web Site 通过酒店网站管理在线招聘工作。 • Site inspections for schools, colleges, and universities 拜访学校,学院和大学。 • Correct and timely placement of internal and external advertisements 正确及时的发布内部和外部的招聘广告。 • Conduct exit interviews and provide feedback on reasons for turnover 执行离职面谈并提供员工离职原因的反馈。 • Adherence to pre, during and post employment checklists 遵循聘用前,雇用期间和离职检查单。 • Ensure Staff and Manager awareness of HR Policies and procedures 确保员工和经理了解人力资源的规章制度。 • Ensure information relating to industrial instruments is readily available to all Staff and Managers 确保能够随时为员工和经理提供与行业规定相关的信息。 • Assist managers in developing work practices that are in line with OH &S policies 协助经理制定符合职业健康与安全条例要求的工作程序。 • Manage performance management system and cycle of recruitment, induction, training, development, and succession for Levels 10 - 8 and ensure process is adhered to for other positions 管理10-8级员工的绩效管理系统和招聘周期,入职培训,培训,发展和接班人计划,确保遵守工作程序。 • Assist with line staff counselling and career management 协助员工的咨询和职业管理工作。 • Assist line managers in the recruitment, induction, training, development, and succession for levels 3- 6. 协助经理3-6级员工的招聘,入职介绍,培训,发展和接班人工作。 • Initiate programs which foster good work relations such as social club and consultative committees 建立倡导良好工作关系的计划如:社交俱乐部和顾问委员会等。 • Maintenance of employee files 员工档案的维护工作。 • Maintenance and administration of OH&S work place cases, as well as the management of rehabilitation programs 维护和管理工作中的职业健康与安全案件,并负责管理康复计划。 • Data Base Management 数据库的管理 • Manage standardized responses to correspondence 管理标准化的书信回复。 • Assists in maintaining a comprehensive, current and guest focused set of departmental standards and procedures and oversees their implementation through ongoing training 协助维护一套全面的,通用的,以顾客为中心的部门规范和程序,通过持序性的培训监督规范和程序的执行。 • Prepares and administers detailed induction program for new staff 制定和执行新员工具体入职培训计划。 • Provides input for probation and formal performance appraisal discussions in line with company guidelines 为按照公司的指导方针进行的正式的员工绩效考核和鉴定提供建议。 • Coaches, counsels and disciplines staff, providing constructive feedback to enhance performance 向员工提供工作指导、咨询,必要时对其进行批评处分,并提供建设性反馈意见以便提高工作绩效。 • Regularly communicates with staff and maintains good relations 定期与员工交流思想,保持良好的员工关系。

Your day to day

· Communication skills are utilized a significant amount of time when interacting with others; demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company. · 拥有在与他人交往时大多数时间所使用的沟通技能;完全代表酒店,品牌和公司与顾客,员工和第三方交往的能力。 · Knowledge of Local Labour and Employment Regulations. · 具有本地人力和雇佣法的知识 ·Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office · 精通微软办公软件 ·Good writing skills · 良好的写作技能

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