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Tintorería 干洗 工

2482x804-servicio de limpieza del hotel
2482x804-servicio de limpieza del hotel

Hotel Brand: Vignette Collection
Location: China, Shanghai

Hotel: Shanghai Snow World Hotel (SHAGN), No.1 Lane 399, Yinfei Road, Nanhui New Town, Pudong New Area, 200135

Número de trabajo: 120104

  • Prepare guest pressing and dry cleaning as requested in accordance with hotel presentation standards
  • 依照酒店外观标准,按要求为客人提供熨烫和干洗服务
  • Spot and dry clean all uniforms 
  • 对所有制服进行去渍和干洗
  • Sort articles to be dry cleaned into categories and performs dry cleaning function including:
  • 将需要干洗的衣物进行分类,然后对其进行干洗,包括:
  • Use all dry-cleaning equipment
  • 使用所有干洗设备
  • Use spotting boards
  • 使用去渍台 
  • Attend to pre-coating and sledging
  • 进行预涂和去污
  • Sort articles for pressing into categories and performs pressing function including:
  • 将需要干洗的衣物进行分类,然后对其进行干洗,包括:
  • Use pressing equipment
  • 使用熨烫设备
  • Use appropriate chemicals when pressing
  • 在熨烫时使用合适的化学品
  • Maintain chemical supplies
  • 保证化学品的供应
  • Prepare requisitions for depleted supplies
  • 对用尽的物品提出补充申请 
  • Check guest items on receipt for damage and record any findings
  • 在接到客人衣物时检查有无破损,并对发现的结果进行记录
  • Maintain dry cleaning equipment in good condition and ensures regular servicing
  • 保持干洗设备的良好状况并确保进行定期维修。
  • Attend to outside customers and guests courteously, promptly while maximizing sales
  • 对外部客户和客人提供及时礼貌的关照,同时尽力对他们做销售工作
  • Maintains working area and equipment in proper state of cleanliness and repair 
  • 保持工作区域和设备得到良好的清洁和修缮
  • Reports guest complaints to superior immediately 
  • 及时向上级反映客户的投诉情况
  • Complies with Hotel’s health, safety and hygiene policies and adheres to conduct personal grooming and hygiene standards
  • 遵守酒店的健康、安全和卫生政策,并遵守个人仪容和卫生标准
  • Attends meetings and training sessions as required
  • 按要求参加会议和培训活动
  • Complete other responsibilities as assigned 
  • 完成分派的其它任务

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