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西 厨 厨师 Comisión de cocina occidental

Marca del hotel: Holiday Inn
Ubicación: China continental, Beijing, Beijing

Hotel: PEGCA - Holiday Inn Beijing Chang An West

Número de trabajo: HOTEL44459

About Us

· Produces food of high quality according to standard recipes.



· Provides direction to the Kitchen Helpers, including Cooks, Kitchen Attendants and Stewards.


· Prepares a range of vegetable dishes using regional cooking principles and specialty food presentation.
· Ensure As per the IHG FSMS booklet.

Your day to day

· Vocational Certificate in Culinary Skills or related field.1 years related experience or formal training or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


· Food service permit or valid health/food handler card as required by local government agency. Problem solving and training abilities. Ability to read and write English.


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