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Your Wellbeing at IHG

At IHG we are a global community. We work together as one team, and care enough to listen to ourselves, to others and to the world around us. It reflects a priority of caring for our people, our business and our community. We nurture an environment where we can all feel we belong, where we are free to be ourselves, and feel fulfilled and respected.

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Our Wellbeing commitment 

As part of our Journey to Tomorrow commitments we aim to drive change that cultivates an inclusive environment - one where colleagues can thrive, belong and prioritise their own and others’ wellbeing.

We know that to work well, we need to feel well both inside and outside of work. myWellbeing is our commitment to you. We are here to support you with your health, lifestyle, and workplace.

myWellbeing is flexible and lets you choose the support you need when you need it – and it can grow and flex alongside you. Because as life changes, our needs change too.

Creating a culture of wellbeing

myWellbeing reflects a culture we value, one where you’re only ever one step from support in helping you achieve your best.  


You’ll feel reassured that your colleagues, managers, and the business have your mental and physical wellbeing at heart.


Your personal needs will be accommodated alongside those of the business and your role, with flexible and adaptable working patterns. You will be supported in your financial goals and enjoy good quality relationships.


You deserve to work in a comfortable, safe and inclusive environment that helps you achieve your best.

At IHG we know that...

“We all have good and not so good days”

“It’s okay to not always be okay”

“Nobody expects us to be perfect"

“It's okay to prioritise our wellbeing”

“Support is always available without judgement”

“We're all on our own journey and need different things at different times”

Our Resources

From our wellbeing and mental health handbooks to our flexible working guidelines we have a range of resources available to help colleagues focus on their wellbeing, some include:

Mental Health Guide

Mental health guidelines to equip our people managers globally to support their own and team’s mental health.

Wellbeing Handbook

Containing practical tips to help colleagues drive their personal wellbeing goals.

Wellbeing Learning Content

Designed to provide wellbeing knowledge and tools to help colleagues prioritise their own and others’ wellbeing.

Global Benefits

A range of benefits offered globally and regionally to provide professional support and advice around wellbeing.

Disability and Wellbeing Network

The Disability and Wellbeing Network (DAWN) provides a safe environment for colleagues to share stories of lived experience of disability. It aims to promote awareness of disability, together with a focus on wellbeing, equality, and inclusion at IHG

We aim to drive change that cultivates an inclusive environment - one where colleagues can thrive, belong, and prioritise their own and others’ wellbeing. Check out to the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion page to learn more.

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