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05/03/2022 IHG Careers Team

Marilyn May



Meet the Experience Makers

Building a one-of-a-kind team with Marilyn May

C&T Experience Maker, Head of Product Management, Marilyn May, values potential and personality above professional backgrounds. An approach that’s enabled her to assemble quite the team.


After spending 20 years in financial services – Marilyn isn’t afraid to let anyone know her biggest regret is not discovering the world of hospitality sooner. In, fact, she’s even encouraging her own daughter to consider following in her footsteps as she starts to think about heading off to college. The reason? An environment that encourages you to bring an authentic version of yourself to work each day.

“Probably the thing that I talk about the most when I talk about IHG to people is just how I am encouraged to be really myself and how my team runs on that. How we're all really ourselves and the trust and respect that we have for each other.”

Authenticity is crucial for Marilyn. Luckily, it’s something that’s always run through the very core of our culture. Fostering a diverse and inclusive environment is an absolute real-world priority – not just something that we pay lip service to.

“This gets a lot of press, but it's really true diversity is not just a word at IHG. It's not just something that they talk about. It's not just an employee resource group or something like that. True diversity is valued at IHG.”


Marilyn has witnessed the power of the outlook first-hand. By giving people room to be themselves – as well as offering our hiring managers the freedom to look at personality and potential above professional experience – we’ve been able to create a multi-faceted team with all the characteristics needed for success. The kind of team you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

“I couldn't have built [this team] in any other organisation. I've been allowed the freedom to hire based on cultural fit. And we've been given the freedom to train people to know what they need to know once they got here. Because of that we’ve built a very strong, trusting team that functions at a very high level.”

For the chance to become part of a truly unique team – take a closer look at how you can #Joinourextraordinaryworld by exploring our current C&T Team opportunities below.

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