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03/15/2020 IHG Careers Team

Management Trainee Eason Cui's Growth at IHG



Guan Pei's Experience: (Graduated in 18 months)

In September 2017, the Pei Sheng Project was added to the Intercontinental Hotel in Shanghai
Promoted to Supervisor in February 2018
Promotion of Guest Service Manager in April 2019

Growth course

My name is Eason Cui, and I graduated from Shanghai Second Polytechnic University in 2017. My career began at the reception desk of the InterContinental Hotel Shanghai in the National Convention and Exhibition Center. In less than two years, I have grown into a hotel guest service manager.

Today, I have been a hotel guest service manager for 7 months. Regarding my "secret recipe" for career development, in addition to my passion for the hotel industry and my desire for personal development, participating in the InterContinental Hotels Group's "Ladder of Dreams" management trainee project should be one of the best decisions I have made. ..

Project Introduction

If I need to use the shortest sentence to introduce the InterContinental Hotels Group's "Ladder of Dreams" management trainee project, I will describe it this way: This is a fast path for everyone to achieve personal development in the hotel industry. After joining this project, it took me 5 months to become a department head, and it took me more than a year to be promoted to a guest service manager.

Participating in the InterContinental Hotels Group's "Ladder of Dreams" management trainee program is by no means a breeze. Fierce competition has begun from the moment you submit your application. A large number of applications for screening of resumes, hotel interviews, online evaluation ... Selection of layers, only the best people can stand out from it. At this point, after successfully joining the "ladder of dreams", the intense and fulfilling journey of 12 to 18 months has begun

Post exercise

The "Ladder of Dreams" management trainee program starts with rotation in various departments of the hotel. Through rotation, you can understand and be familiar with the responsibilities, workflow and overall operation of the hotel. Subsequent to the in-depth study and work under a specific department or function, until the final stage of the project assessment and performance evaluation. For me personally, I felt the attention from the hotel management team throughout the process, especially our general manager, who often communicated with me to understand my learning progress and work experience.

Meet the Future
It took me 18 months to graduate from the InterContinental Hotels Group's "Ladder of Dreams" management trainee program and grow into a guest service manager. This project has yielded me a lot..




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