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12/05/2023 IHG Careers Team

Sofia is leading a new era of Luxury & Lifestyle to inspire colleagues to be their best

For generations, General Managers have played a key role in inspiring all around them. They are the motivators, delegators and cheerleaders at the beating heart of every hospitality team. Now we are searching for the next generation of GM to help us continue to raise the bar in a new era of luxury and lifestyle. GMs like Sofia.

To those unfamiliar with our industry, many hotel jobs can feel a little hectic. Look around the lobby and you’ll see a hive of activity – from tireless housekeeping teams and receptionists to bustling bartenders, chefs and front of house staff. But, even when surrounded by the vibrant hubbub of life at the heart of New York City, InterContinental New York Barclay General Manager – Sofia Vandaele – remains an oasis of calm.

After all, you won’t find much that can faze such a seasoned GM. Sofia’s career has taken her from London to New York to Paris and back to NYC. This is the kind of experience that’s helped her become used to everyone from US Open tennis superstars to United Nations heads of state gracing her hotel’s front desk. She’s even personally greeted the president of the United States several times, in what has to be a highlight of any hospitality career.


We caught up with Sofia to find out exactly what made her want to come back to the Big Apple – and why she chose to take her next step and lead a new era with InterContinental Hotels & Resorts.

With such an impressive CV, Sofia had her pick of general manager jobs. But it was InterContinental’s commitment to empowering teams and continual growth that connected with Sofia on a personal level. She felt empowered to combine her passion for hospitality and dedication to learning to not only become the best GM she could be, but also to inspire those around her to step-up and fulfil their own potential.

“It was a very conscious choice to become part of InterContinental Hotels and Resorts. The platform that they give general managers to grow, thrive and continuously learn has been remarkable. To be a leader in hospitality you need to feel that spirit from within. It’s a passion that you need to bring to life. It’s about inspiring your colleagues to be their very best.”


Sofia’s real excitement lies in not where her hospitality journey has already taken her – but where she’s going next. As proud as she is of mixing with elite athletes and world-leading decision makers, she’s even more enthusiastic to be leading a new era of luxury and lifestyle for one of the world’s most established and loved hotel brands.

“It’s a great time to join InterContinental. Not only have we just recently celebrated 75 years as such an established hotel brand, but we’re on a journey to a new era. And our general managers are going to be at the forefront of leading that.”


Sofia is proud to be kick-starting a new chapter in both her career and the InterContinental legacy. To be inspiring others, creating unforgettable guest experiences and delivering a welcome fit for a president. Thanks to our latest opportunities, you could too.

We’re searching for general managers that specialise in turning our guests' dreams into reality. Leaders capable of inspiring colleagues around them to realise their own ambitions. Visionaries ready to redefine Luxury and Lifestyle travel at an industry level.

To discover how you can join Sofia in leading a new era of luxury and lifestyle, click here.

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