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03/15/2020 IHG Careers Team

Best Offers From Hometown – back home

Hometown Hotel and Position: Concierge Manager at InterContinental Shanghai Expo

Hotel and post before returning home: Front Office Manager, Howard Johnson Hotel Suzhou

Having left Shanghai for more than a year, my family were always wishing I could come back. Although there is a train that only takes 30-minute train from Suzhou to Shanghai, I could not go home everyday. As a father of a young child, I very much wanted to be a bigger part of my child's growth, and for this reason that I decided to return to Shanghai.

I learned that the Best Offers From Hometown Program was available on the InterContinental Hotels Group website. I saw on the official recruitment website that the InterContinental Shanghai Expo was recruiting the position of concierge manager, so I applied without hesitation through the Internet. IHG's work efficiency is very high and it didn't take long for me to receive a call from the hotel's personnel department to invite me to an interview. I participated in four rounds of interviews and after passing the final round of general manager interviews, I successfully got the job and returned to work in my hometown.

It feels really good to return to work in my hometown. I come home to my family every day after work. Although I am very busy and tired at work, when I return home and see my wife and daughter, I immediately forget the fatigue. Going back to my hometown has fulfilled my desire to be part of the growth of my daughter, and I deeply feel that it is worth the hard work every day. For colleagues who also want to return to their hometowns, I suggest that you can participate in the Best Offers From Hometown Program at IHG.

I am very grateful to IHG for giving me this opportunity to return to work in my hometown. Colleagues and friends, if you have the right opportunity, you must take the time to apply.

Hometown Hotel and Position: Chengdu Century City Paradise Intercontinental Hotel Group Training Manager

Hotel and post before returning home: Crowne Plaza Shanghai Fudan, Training Manager

"In 10 years, you went from being a waiter to being the supervisor and then the manager, from the catering department to the personnel department. Every time I ask you, you always report good news and tell me not to worry. Then you fall in love and fall in love again...I thought, If I were by your side at that time, at least I could do something." My mother's thoughts in the kitchen were accompanied by the sound of her chopping vegetables, cut by cut.

I took a napkin, wiped my hands quietly, and sat on the side.

"You tell me about your company. It sounds terrible. I don't know what Intercontinental is. Then I checked it online. I found out that Chengdu also has your hotel!" Da-Da-Da Cai's voice continued. Then, when did I suddenly realise that this familiar voice had changed? It had become so slow and careful.

"My duty manager and I took a photo of Zhang at the door of your hotel!"

"The manager on duty?"

She didn't turn her head, but I heard her laugh: "Haha, isn't it? I learned online, a hotel has a general manager and a duty manager, and I have already divided it up, your dad is the duty manager, and I am the general manager."

I was a little surprised. I didn't know was was happening.

"You go from Haikou to Sanya, and from Sanya to Shanghai, I think you will definitely come back when you get the chance!" Putting down the knife and turning her head, my mother looked at me "Now, it's all ok!" After hearing her say this, my tears almost fell down my face.

I still remember what the nine knives said in the novel. In the world of emotions, there is always one person who will bear all the memories and wait in place, and the other person will move forward with nostalgia. I always thought that I was the one who was waiting for all the memories. The original mother was also the one who waited. She was waiting for an opportunity and I could go home. She was waiting to be with me to warm each other for 10 years, 20 years or more. Many years.

Best Offers From Hometown. Because of you, you let me go home.

Hometown Hotel and Position: Deputy Cafe Manager at Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Hotel and post before returning home: Deputy Manager of Cafe at Crowne Plaza Lanzhou

On May 18, 2014, I had been working away for 18 months and the homesickness during this period had made me sad. However, 3 months previously I was delighted to learn that my wife was pregnant.  She was working in my hometown Xi'an, and I was working in Lanzhou.  The distance between the two places rarely allowed me to see and take care of her. In my heart I always hoped that I can go home as soon as possible.

Everything changed on a certain day in May 2014. From that morning a series of events happened that changed everything. I could not cook breakfast due to a power outage and forgot to pick up my money when I left home. I had to walk 3 stops to the office, and was late. That day there were VIP guests coming for breakfast and I'd been told by my team leader a few days before that I would be taking care of them. However, I did not see them which was very upsetting. I felt ashamed and at noon just as I took the first bite of food in the staff restaurant, my phone rang. It was my wife who hurriedly said that her stomach hurt. She was afraid that I would worry so said that she would go to the hospital by herself for a scan. I was so anxious that I could only comfort her on the phone but said I would find a way to take time off and see her, but she said no and that she could take care of herself. My wife's strength made me feel more and more guilty.

At this moment, I received another call. When I saw it from the Crowne Plaza Xi'an, I quickly answered the phone: "Congratulations, your request to return to your hometown has been approved by the hotel manager. Please go through the relevant procedures as soon as possible. You can return to your hometown of Crowne Plaza Xi'an, starting work next Monday!" The excitement was indescribable ... I quickly happily answered: Thank you! Thank you! I will be on time!

Thinking back, the first time I learned about the Best Offers From Hometown was on a day in March 2014 when an enthusiastic colleague came over and asked, "Brother, have you heard of 'Best Offers From Hometown?' So with a willingness to succeed and return home, I saw the hotel cafe in my hometown had a vacancy that was suitable for me, so I applied. I never expect that such a good thing could happen to myself! It is really important to thank IHG for having such a comprehensive and considerate plan so that I can return to work in my hometown and find a suitable position. I also thank my colleagues and friends who have helped me. Thank you! It means so much that I can work in my hometown! If you look at my smile now, you can tell everything is great.



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