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02/19/2020 IHG Careers Team

Tracey Bolton: A day in my life as a Director of Sales and Marketing

Hi, my name is Tracey Bolton and even though I’ve only been at IHG for just about a year I’m already completely in love with my job. I'm Cluster Director of Sales and Marketing and work at the Iconic InterContinental Phoenicia Beirut and the InterContinental Le Vendome Beirut. Discover a typical day in my role as a Director of Sales and Marketing below.

I’m definitely a morning person

You’ll find me in work every day before anyone else. Armed with a coffee by 6.30am I’m ready to tackle anything the day might bring, checking emails, liaising with ADOS Events and working through the arrivals reports to identify new corporate guests, members to enrol and VIPs. By 8.45 I’m ready to be briefed by the marketing and PR team and my Director of Sales. And then the day properly gets started!When the day really gets going I’m Director of Sales and Marketing at two hotels so my day involves lots of racing from meeting to meeting. I split my days between the two hotels. Phoenicia is a 446 room hotel with over 14 conference venues - so I spend most days there. Mostly, I'll be interacting with the guests and being reminded of why the hospitality industry is something I love. No matter how hectic things get I’m never without two items – my mobile phone and my favourite lipstick. There's no such thing as a normal time to finish work in a job like this – if there are VIP arrivals or social and business functions, I want to be there to meet and greet guests or host when needs be.

Hospitality and teamwork are my passions

My passion for my work is driven by the fact that I genuinely love working in this sector, and never forget how lucky I am to be doing a job that inspires me like this does.


Team morale is really important.

I know how much we can achieve when we work together. That’s why, if I ever had time to spare, I’d use it to take my team out and thank them for the way they inspire me to be the best leader I can be.Another reason why I consider myself to be incredibly lucky is the inspiration I’ve taken from the General Managers I’ve worked with, and that includes my current managers. They challenge me to keep on getting better at what I do.

What does the future hold?

In the future I’d like to become an even better DOSM and use my skills to make a difference in countries all over the world, and to anyone who’d like to follow in my footsteps I say keep your head down, be smart and learn, because knowledge is a super power!Tracey is just one of the many passionate people who work in our hotels. If her story inspires to pursue a rewarding career in sales then why wait? 

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