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02/20/2020 IHG Careers Team

Opportunity Knocks: How Emily Has Developed Into A Leader


It is hardly a secret but at IHG, we invest in our people. Everyone in our successful family has opportunities to develop and move their career forward. With us, strive and you will thrive. Watch yourself grow into a leader, supported at each turn with quality training and a structured career pathway.
Emily knows this route well, having joined IHG five years ago as a keen Future Leader Trainee in Revenue Management. She acknowledges how the varied nature of the IHG brand has broadened her knowledge of the business and given her the opportunity to progress her career. Emily is now engaged in her second Revenue Manager role and credits the IHG culture for its open-minded approach, collaboration and mutual support.
We noticed how, like many of our interviewees, Emily lists ‘fun’ in her job description. Having an enjoyable working environment is essential and we are glad that it ranks so highly with our colleagues. We'll let Emily tell more...

What do you love most about working for IHG?
Thanks to its various brands, IHG allows you to easily change and experience different brands and to meet colleagues with a broad knowledge. Being part of this unique family makes me love working for IHG.

How has working at IHG helped you in your career?
Five years ago I started as a Future Leader Trainee in Revenue Management. Today, I am in my second Revenue Manager role, having had the opportunity to experience two different brands already. This shows that IHG develops people, but also retains talent by supporting further career opportunities that respect your personal interests and career goals.


What skills have you obtained/improved on while working at IHG?
Hard and soft skills are challenged while working at IHG, from time management through priority setting to decision making.
What three words would you use to describe working here?
Development - Trust - Fun

What do you love most about your job?
Being a property-based Revenue manager, I love the mix of analytics and operational exposure, and their impact on the hotel business.
How would you describe the company culture here at IHG?
Life at IHG is being surrounded by people with an open-minded culture, with a great sense of hospitality not only towards guests, but as well towards each other between colleagues. Mutual support is an important asset to our company culture.
‘Overall IHG is a company that celebrates successes and pushes its employees through constructive criticism to their best each and every day.’

See yourself as a future leader? If you want to progress your career like Emily, this is the place to be. At IHG, we don’t leave you on the periphery, we engage with you, find out where you want to go in the business and help you get there.
We are not investing in your job role but in you. From your first day, you are part of the IHG family. So, clear direction, with your goals backed up with superior training, collaborative learning and the same mutual support that Emily had all those years ago. We give you the platform, you choose how high you want to jump.

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