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Image of cheery barman Image of cheery barman

IHG: Making guests’ dreams come true

At IHG no day is exactly the same, that’s the beauty of hotel life. However, there is a routine that most of our people will try and stick to.

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Chefs working in the kitchen

From intern to Chef...

We recently caught up with Chef Shining Ly, to hear the inspirational story of her journey from intern to Chef. We’ll let Shining tell you all about it – she tells her story much better than us!

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Alessandra Revenue Manager looking ahead

Building a Pathway to Success

Progression and development at IHG is an integral part of your career.

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image of duty manager

A Day in the Role of a Duty Manager

Ever wondered what a typical day looks like managing one of IHG’s leading hotels worldwide?

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What got me the job at IHG

Below, our colleagues talk about the key to their interview and career successes at IHG.

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