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Western Operation Manager 西餐运营经理

Hotel Brand: Regent Hotels & Resorts
Location: Mainland China, Chongqing, Chongqing

Hotel: Regent

Job number: HOTEL52452

1.Provide quality management to the hotel Food & Beverage department and development affairs, and see to the departmental operations are in line with the prescribed corporate standards and in compliance with the current Chinese Government Policies.


2. Assist to improve management: generate activity, seek new challenges; demonstrate an optimistic outlook; recover quickly from failure.

协助改善管理:发展活动,寻求新的挑战; 展现出乐观的前景; 从失败中吸取教训不断进步。

3. Commercial awareness: show awareness of market, new business opportunities, financial issues such as revenue enhancement, costs, profit/losses cash flow; have up-to-date knowledge of competitive environment; implement cost-effective methods to ensure sustainable profit growth.

商业意识:展现市场意识,新商机,财务收入的增加,成本,利润/亏损等财务问题; 掌握最新的市场竞争趋势; 实施成本效益最高的方法来确保可持续的利润增长。

4. Motivating and influencing others: create a climate of teamwork by encouraging co-operation and communication; care for others by monitoring their well-being; inspire positive attitude to work among subordinates; respect the contributions of others.

激励和影响他人:通过鼓励合作和沟通创造团队合作气氛; 通过监测他们的福祉照顾他人; 激发下属工作的积极态度; 尊重他人的贡献。

5.People development: encourage a culture of continuous personal and work-related through own actions; ensure learning from successes and failures, guide and coach colleagues; share personal expertise and draw on the diverse background, skills and knowledge of people while defining and reinforcing standards and appropriate behavior.

人事发展:通过自己的行动鼓励个人和工作的文化; 确保学习的成功与失败,引导和教导同事; 分享个人专业知识,借鉴他们的各种背景,技能和知识,同时确定和加强标准。

6. Strategic orientation: select the most appropriate tactics from a range of alternatives and convey the plan to others; set organizational strategy in line with organizational vision; use multiple and relevant resources to achieve objectives; negotiate with a variety of approaches.

战略方向:选择一系列替代方案中最合适的策略,并将计划传达给他人; 组织战略符合部门愿景; 使用多种相关资源实现目标; 以各种方式进行谈判。

7.Establish a rapport with guests maintaining good customer relationships and handle all guest complaints, requests and enquiries on food, beverage and service.


8.Continuously seek ways to assist the Outlet Management maximize their revenues and profits


9.Monitor and analyze the activities and trends of competitive restaurants' banqueting departments.


10. Assist to develop and maintain a detailed Department Operations Manual that reflects policies and procedures, work processes and standards of performance within the Division. Ensures annual review to accurately reflect any changes.

协助制定和维持详细的部门运营手册,反映该部门的工作程序,工作流程和绩效标准。 确保年度审查准确。

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