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Transportation Supervisor 车队主管-HUALUXE Xi'an Chanba & Holiday Inn Xi'an Chanba

Hotel Brand: Hualuxe
Location: Mainland China, Shaanxi, Xian

Hotel: HUALUXE Xi'an Chanba & Holiday Inn Xi'an Chanba

Job number: HOTEL46321

About Us

Be responsible for hotel limousine service 负责饭店的车辆服务 Supervise and delegate duties to drivers 指导监督司机的日常表现并分配给司机任务 Keep updated information of transportation service 保持最新的有关饭店车辆服务的信息 Be completed familiar with all hotel vehicles’ specialties and characters 非常熟悉饭店所有车辆的性能和特点 Be responsible for daily mileage and refuel recording 负责每天车辆运行公里数及耗油量的记录 Be responsible for vehicles consumption inventory 负责车辆消耗的盘点 Adhere to the vehicles’ maintenance programs and insist cost control 坚持车辆维护、维修制度并时刻注意控制耗油量 Ensure all the licenses, permits and certificates are qualified and in keeping with the demands of traffic administration 确保所有车辆的执照、许可和证书完全符合交通管理部门的要求 Keep good relationship with traffic administration 与交通管理部门保持良好的关系 Ensure all drivers welcome/bid farewell to arriving/departing guests in a warm, Friendly and courteous manner, using guest’s name if known 确保运输部的所有司机每次都以热情、友好、礼貌的方式欢迎及送别客人,并尽量用客人的姓名称呼客人 Be responsible for key security of parked cars 负责饭店所有车辆的钥匙管理并保证安全 Ensure all the drivers safe driving and parking of guest’s cars 确保饭店所有司机在对客服务时安全驾驶停泊 Make sure all the drivers drive the hotel car safety at all times and follow traffic regulations 必须确保饭店所有司机随时随地安全驾驶并坚决执行交通规则 Daily washing and interior vacuuming of hotel cars and ensure all hotel cars are in good conditions 每天对饭店车辆内外进行清洗及吸尘并确保所有车辆车况良好 Report immediately to Chief Concierge and Concierge Shift Leader if guest car is damaged in transit, parked or involved in an accident 如果客人所乘车辆在行驶、停泊过程中发生故障或意外事故,必须立刻向礼宾部经理,礼宾部主管报告 Assist direct group coaches and baggage trucks to designated parking area 协助指挥团队及行李车辆停在指定的停车区域 Have thorough knowledge of the hotel, outlets, hours of operation etc, to be able to answer guest’s questions 对饭店产品、餐厅及各个运作部门营业时间等知识有一个全面的了解,以便于回答客人的提问 Ensure all the drivers adhere to the hotel’s policies and procedures when carrying out their duties 确保饭店所有司机当班时坚持饭店的规章制度 Take part in the preparation of department goals and objections 参与准备部门的目的和目标 Assist Chief Concierge with the preparation of performance reports for the unit 协助礼宾部经理准备部门的工作执行报告 Coordinate work operations within the concierge 与礼宾部进行工作协调 Discipline drivers when necessary 对司机纪律进行必要的约束 Recruit new drivers together with Chief Concierge, Front Office Manager and Human Resources Manager 与前厅部经理、礼宾部经理及人力资源经理一起雇用新的司机 Prepare driver rosters to meet business demands 按照客人用车情况合理安排司机班次 Implement drivers performance appraisals 负责对司机的表现进行评估 Supervise drivers performance 对司机的表现进行指导和监督 Log security incidents and accidents in accordance with hotel requirements 按照饭店要求记录安全日志和事故记录 Abide by the Hotel’s Policies and Procedures, Starwood Code of Business Conduct and the hotel’s Associate Handbook. 遵守饭店的工作政策及程序,遵守喜达屋的商业行为规范以及员工手册中的条款。

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Required Skills – 技能要求 Always safety driving 在任何情况下都能坚持安全驾驶 Very good driving skill & experience 良好的驾驶技术以及经验 Be familiar with and update all traffic rules & regulations 熟知各种交通法规,并及时更新 Know location of city streets and roads, familiar with surrounding city routine 熟知市内以及周边城市的道路、交通状况 Good knowledge of concerned local information, handling guest request 了解各种相关信息,方便回答客人问题 Basic vehicle maintenance skill 具有简单的车辆维修技能 Good supervisory skill 良好的管理技能 Good communication skill 良好的沟通技巧 Be good at organize and problem solving 良好的组织以及解决问题的能力 Qualifications – 学历 High school 高中 Experience – 经历 Min. 8 years concerned working experience / Drive license A1 type is requested 至少八年以上驾驶经验 / 要求持有A1型驾驶执照以及相关证件
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