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Train Manager 培训经理-厦门海沧英迪格酒店

Hotel Brand: Hotel Indigo
Location: Mainland China, Fujian, Xiamen

Job number: HOTEL49611

About Us

•Assists the Human Resources Director in the implementation of all training programs. 协助人力资源总监实施所有的培训计划。 •Conduct Training Needs Analysis for management and supervisory staff to Identify and determine training needs. 分析并确定主管和经理层员工的培训需求 •Tabulate the data showing training needs for the hotel 列表向酒店管理层演示培训需求。 •Analyze guest questionnaires, feedback to identify and determine training needs. 对客人问卷和反馈进行分析,以确认培训需求。 •Develop hotel’s annual training planner and ensure it is in line with the operational strategy. 制定酒店的年度培训计划并确保培训计划符合酒店的营运策略。 •Set objectives for all programs to be conducted for the year. 为所有年度的培训项目设立目标。 •Set the Evaluation System for training program. 为培训课程设立评估体系。 •Set performance standards for departmental trainers. 为部门培训导师设立评估标准。 •Prepares the Training Budget. 起草培训预算。 •Familiarize yourself with the ICHG HR and Training Standards. Develop and review policies, procedures, forms and format relating to training. 熟悉洲际集团人力资源和培训方面的标准。建立和回顾与培训相关的政策,程序,表格和格式。 •Prepares weekly and monthly training schedules and monthly training report. 准备每周和月度培训计划和月度培训报告。 •Checks that all lessons are conducted in a professional manner. 检查所有的培训课程都以专业的方式进行。 •Assists Human Resources Manager in sourcing for training materials appropriate to the Hotel staff and responsible for purchasing or having materials printed. 协助人力资源经理收集适合酒店员工的培训资料,并负责购买或印刷培训资料。 •Managing all updated records of all training programs conducted. 管理所有的进行过的培训课程的记录,并确保该记录是最新的。 •New Employee Orientation 新员工入职培训 •Maintains all hotel training records 维护所有的酒店培训记录。 •Establish a training library of books, videos, journals and audio visual materials to assist trainers in their training programs and for staff personal development 建立有图书,声像制品的培训图书馆,以帮助培训导师更好地开展培训课程和帮助员工的个人发展。 •Attend departmental training session and critique performance 出席部门的培训,并评估培训表现。 •Use ICHG benchmarks to monitor success of training programs and amend your efforts accordingly. 通过宾客满意度调查,员工满意度调查和生意预算的达成情况监控培训课程的成效,并据此修正培训重点 •Liaise with other ICHG Training Managers to share experiences and resources 与其他洲际集团的培训经理保持联络,分享经验和资源。 •Liaise with educational institutions conducting hospitality and training courses 与酒店管理学校保持联系。 •Maintain current information and records of suppliers of training resources and materials 保持培训资源和培训资料供应商的最新资料和记录。 •Delivers briefings of all internal programs to executive management and department heads 介绍所有的内部培训课程给高级管理层和部门经理。 •Contributes towards regional activities as directed by Regional Director of Human Resources / General Manager 积极配合区域人力资源总监或总经理主持的区域性活动。 •Provides input for probation and formal performance appraisal discussions to Line Managers in line with company guidelines 根据集团的指引,在与部门经理讨论员工工作表现评估方面提供协助。

Your day to day

•Education: University Education 教育:大学教育 •Certification: Human Resources/Training & Education 证书:人力资源/培训和教育证书 •Experience: 4 years experiences in Training & Personnel, with a minimum of 5 years in a managerial position. 经验:4年培训和人事经验,至少5年以上管理职位经验。 •Others: Good relationship with the local labor bureau, and government agencies 其它: 同地方劳动局和政府机构关系良好。
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