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Technician 技工-Hualuxe

Hotel Brand: Hualuxe
Location: Mainland China, Zhejiang, Ningbo

Hotel: NGBUL - HUALUXE Ningbo Harbor City

Job number: HOTEL44606

About Us

JOB OVERVIEW职位概述 Ensure that routine maintenance is performed in order for the Hotels equipment to be operated with maximum efficiency to achieve customer and guest satisfaction. 负责酒店设备设施的日常维护,确保酒店的设备设施能够以最高效率运行并保证宾客的满意度 。 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES工作职责 • Perform all routine preventative maintenance and curative maintenance • 执行日常的防护性保养和补救性维护。 Order and monitor fuels, lubricants and repair parts • 定购和监测燃料和润滑油,维修部件。 • Maintain clean and tidy plant rooms  • 保持机房的整洁。 • Maintain a level of broader knowledge which enables you to handle minor problems in all fields of the department • 掌握一定程度的知识,使自己能够处理部门工作领域内的小问题。 • Attend to all types of repair and maintenance work in the Hotel premises, including any new additions / extensions to the Hotel or any other properties maintained by the Hotel • 参加酒店物业各类维修维护工作,包括酒店任何新的部分和延伸的部分,或由酒店负责维护管理的其它物业。  • Repair and maintain guest room facilities, light facilities, furniture and equipment • 负责客房设施,照明设施,家具和设备的维修维护工作。 Assist with the implementation of the hotel’s preventative maintenance system and repair log system • 协助酒店预防性养护计划和维修记录系统的执行工作。 Prioritize work in line with guest requests and management • 根据客人的要求安排工作的优先顺序并进行管理。 Inform superior of the status of repairs and pending costs and indicate when it would be reasonable to consider replacement • 向上级汇报维修的状况和需要的费用,并在有必要考虑更换时向领导说明。 • Record daily service work, including maintaining individual replacement costs along with time/task labour hours cost • 记录每天的维修工作,包括每项维修工作的成本及花费的时间,工作所用的人工小时成本。 Participate in instructing colleagues on the proper operation, safety procedures and cleaning of all equipment • 参与向同事介绍所有设备的正确操作方法,安全程序和清洁的工作。 Establish and maintain proper parts inventory levels • 设定并保持适当的部件库存量。 Conduct and/or participate in staff meeting regarding proper operating and maintenance practices of equipment • 执行和参与有关设备正确操作和保养工作的员工会议。 Implement and carry out maintenance program in accordance with established timeframes • 按照设定时间执行维护保养计划。 • Carry out and document regular inspections of plant and equipment in computerised system • 执行并在计算机系统中记录机械设备常规性的视查。 • Ensure that appropriate files are maintained and resources kept for future reference • 确保文件存档,以便将来参考之用。 • Complete daily reports outlining work undertaken for the day • 完成每日报告,列明当日完成的工作。 • Explore and incorporate environmentally friendly initiatives • 探寻并配合环保工作。 • Efficient and effective use of recycling methods • 有效的使用再利用的方法。

Your day to day

Required Skills – 技能要求 • Relevant trade skills • 相关的维修技能 • Able to read and write in English • 能够读写英语 Qualifications – 学历 • Vocational Certificate or equivalent • 职业证书或相当的证书 Experience – 经历 • 1 year of relevant experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience. • 1年相关工作经验,或具有与此相当的教育与工作经验结合的背景 ACCOUNTABILITY责任 Number of employees supervised – 管理的员工 • Direct  N.A. • 直接 无 • Indirect N.A. • 间接 无 Annual Operating Profit/Payroll Budget – 年度经营利润和薪金预算 • N.A. • 无 Key Metrics– 主要绩效指标 • Completion of Assigned Tasks and Projects • 分配给的工作和项目的完成情况 • Cost Savings measures • 降低成本的方法 Decision Making Responsibilities (Decision Rights) – 决策职责(决策权) • N.A. • 无 QUALIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS 任职要求 Key Internal Relationships – 主要内部关系﹣ • Hotel Employees • 酒店员工 Key External Relationships – 主要外部关系﹣ • Interacts with guests and individuals outside the hotel including, but not limited to, current and potential clients, owning company representatives, suppliers, competitors and other members of the local community. • 与酒店外的顾客和个人交往,包括但不限于:目前和可能的客户,业主公司代表,供应商,竞争对手和所在地社区成员。
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