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Security Officer 保安领班/主管

Hotel Brand: Crowne Plaza
Location: Mainland China, Zhejiang, Tongxiang

Hotel: Crowne Plaza Wuzhen

Job number: HOTEL50426

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Carry out national fire prevention guidelines、policies and regulations, accept fire prevention sections inspection, responsible for hotel fire prevention work with the guidance of Security Manager. 贯彻落实国家有关消防工作的方针、政策和法规,接受专职消防机关的检查指导,在保安部经理的领导下,全面负责酒店的消防安全工作。 Ensure a high level of cleanliness and tidiness is maintained in the work area. Maintain personal presentation standards to hotel and Sheraton standards. Demonstrate professional attitude and behavior at all times. 保持工作区域的高度清洁和整齐,按照酒店与喜来登的标准保持个人仪表,在任何时候表现出职业风范。 Establish and perfect fire security regulations and fire prevention measures for each department, carry through intendance and and inspection. 在保安部经理指导下建立健全酒店各部门的消防安全制度,防火应急措施,并进行监督检查。 Responsible for associate’s fire prevention education, strengthen their fire prevention awareness, and improve their consciousness of fire prevention. 负责对员工进行消防安全教育,增强员工的防火意识,提高酒店员工做好消防工作的自觉性。 Cooperate with Security Manager to organize Obligation fire brigade and conduct training, progress various kinds of fire drill. 协助部门经理做好义务消防队的组织和培训工作,并开展各种形式的防火演练活动。 Responsible for CCTV and FCC facilities management, cooperate with Engineering to do maintenance and examination project to ensure fire prevention facilities in good condition. 负责监控中心及消防设备的管理,协同工程部实施设备保养计划和检修计划,并督导实施,确保建筑消防设施处于完好状态。 Conduct regular fire prevention checking, progress daily patrol for the key points, find out hidden trouble timely and resolve it, ensure fire prevention responsibility regulations carried out by each department. 定期进行防火检查,对重点防火部位进行每日巡查,及时发现并帮助解决火险隐患,督导各部门落实防火安全责任制。 Timely find out and report personnel go against fire prevention regulations, when fire happen, immediately organize fire brigade to the scene. 对违反消防安全的行为或人员及时查处并上报处理,发生火灾时立即赶赴现场组织义务消防队进行扑救。 Interact with department and hotel associates in a professional and positive manner to foster good relation, promote team spirit and ensure effective two-way communication. 以积极专业的态度与饭店内部各部门及同事沟通,建立起良好的工作关系,增强团队精神,保证有效的双向交流。 •To strengthen specialty study and keep improving, complete other tasks as directed by Security Manager. 加强专业学习精益求精,按时完成部门经理交办的其它工作。 •Keep good relations with local PSB and fire prevention sections to obtain work support and assistance. 与地方公安消防机关保持密切联系,以取得工作支持与帮助。 •Abides by the HUALUXE Associates Handbook. 遵守假日酒店员工守则。 •Demonstrate professional attitude and behavior at all times. 在任何时候表现专业态度和行为 •Several tasks would be assigned, follow the instruction of direct supervisor or manager 可能会有其它的一些任务,请准照直属上级的指示。

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•Required Skills – 技能要求 •Thorough knowledge of hotel fire、life-safety systems and equipments. 熟悉有关饭店消防、安全生命系统和设备的知识; •Good knowledge of hotel security operations. 掌握饭店保安工作程序。 •Knowledge of English preferred 懂英文者优先 •Experience – 经历 •Minimum 2 years in supervisory fire prevention position 至少有两年从事保安消防主管工作的经验
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