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Security Manager

Hotel Brand: InterContinental
Location: China, Jiangsu, Wuxi

Hotel: Wuxi Taihu New City (WUXTA), Southwest corner of Zhenze Rd & Qingshu Rd, 210000

Job number: 106347


•      Establish good communication and good will with informal leaders and relevant members of local community

•      同酒店所在社区的非官方领导和相关人士进行全面沟通,建立酒店的良好声誉

•      Coordinate and organize the day to day operations of the department including planning and controlling

•      协调和组织本部门的日常运营工作,包括计划和控制

•      Manage the develop and implementation of departmental standards

•      承担制定和执行部门工作标准的管理工作

•      Ensure all patrolling, inspection and escort duties are performed to a high standard

•      确保按照高水准执行所有的巡视和检查工作

•      Monitor and maintain all product and performance standards and ensure action is taken when standards are not met

•      密切关注并保持既定行为准则目标,如未达标,应采取相应措施

•      Ensure firearms and other weapons are not carried by staff when on duty

•      值勤时确定员工不携带武器及其它凶器。

•      Supervise emergency drills

•      监督指导紧急情况演习

•      Oversee the security department including layout of security personnel and their detailed and regular training

•      监督保安部日常工作,包括保安人员的部岗及日常训练

•      Perform leadership training for all senior security personnel

•      对所有高级保安人员进行领导能力方面的培训

•      Check and analyze all incoming reports to formalize action plan

•      分析检查所有报案记录并制定行动计划

•      Maintain the loyalty and discipline of all security personnel

•      保持所有保安人员的纪律性和忠诚度

•      Ensure the all security personnel as well as hotel’s staff are adhering to P&P and security procedures

•      确保所有保安人员及酒店所有员工遵守各项安全法规

•      Establish good cooperation with hotel’s senior staff with other hotels

•      与其他酒店的高层员工建立良好的合作关系

•      Coordinate with the local investigator in crimes & accident handling and investigating

•      协助地方当局调查处理犯罪及事故案件

•      Prepare security plan for specific events (seminar, conference, government guest, with wedding etc.)

•      为特殊活动制定保安工作计划(如研讨会、大型会议、政府要客、婚庆等)

•      Works with Human Resources on manpower planning and management needs

•      和人力资源部一起进行人力规划和管理需求。

•     Works with Director of Finance in the preparation and management of the Hotel’s budget.

•      与财务总监一起编制和管理酒店的预算。

•      Be familiar with property safety, first aid and fire and emergency procedures and operate equipment safely and sensibly

•      熟悉有关财产安全、紧急救助、消防和其他危机事件的处理方案,并能够安全谨慎地使用设备。

•      Initiate action to correct a hazardous situation and notify supervisors of potential dangers

•      制定处理危机情况的工作方案,并提示上级领导存在潜在的隐患。

•      Log security incidents and accidents in accordance with hotel requirements

•      按照酒店要求有效记录安全事故事件。



Required Skills –技能要求

•      Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company.

•      拥有在与他人交往时大多数时间所使用的沟通技能;完全代表酒店,品牌和公司与顾客,员工和第三方交往的能力。

•      Certification in safety and training and/or licensed as a Security Officer or Law Enforcement Officer may be required.  Certified CPR, First Aid instructor and training in law enforcement techniques desired. 

•      拥有安全和培训及保安人员和执法人员的证书。认证的CPR,救生培训员及接受过必要的执法技巧培训。

•      Working knowledge of local laws, investigation methods, OSHA requirements and fire codes and life safety codes.

•      具有本地法律,调查手段,OSHA要求和消防规范及生命安全规范的工作知识。

•      Problem solving, reasoning, motivating, organizational and training abilities.

•      具有解决问题,推理,激励,组织和培训能力

Qualifications –学历

•      College or vocational training

•      中专或职业培训

Experience –经验

•      6-8 years of security and safety experience and/or military/law enforcement experience, including supervisory experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience

•      具有6-8年保安经验及军队或执法经验,包括管理经验或与此相当的教育与工作经验结合的背景

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