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Sales & Marketing Secretary 市场销售部秘书

Hotel Brand: Crowne Plaza
Location: Mainland China, Zhejiang, Tongxiang

Hotel: Crowne Plaza Wuzhen

Job number: HOTEL50422

About Us

Co-ordinate and arrange activities accorded to Sales & Marketing Department 在市场销售部的权限范围内协调和安排工作。 Appraise DOSM of the day to day activities of the section 评估市场销售总监在本部门的日常工作活动 Arrange appointments and meetings for DOSM, recording same in diary and ensure DOSM has the appropriate documentation for each appointment 为市场销售总监安排各类约见及会议,并将这些安排记录在日志中以确保市场销售总监准备好每次会见所需的文件。 Attend meetings such as Sales & Marketing Meeting and others as directed by DOSM 按市场销售总监的指示出席诸如部门会议和其它会议。 Take minutes of attended meetings, accurately transcribe and circulate to appropriate personnel 为参加的会议作会议记录,准确的记录,然后发送给相关人员。 Arrange room and restaurant reservations for VIP guests/personnel 为贵宾或重要人士安排房间和在餐厅订位。 Perform hostess duties at staff, guest and other functions as required 需要时在员工,客人和其它活动中担当主持工作。 Assess priorities of work and assist in organizing DOSM’s priorities 确定工作的重要性从而协助市场销售总监安排工作的先后次序。 Prepare replies to routine correspondence for DOSM’s signature 准备常规性的往来信件供市场销售总监签名。 Take dictation of correspondence as required 需要时记录往来信件。 Open and sort mail addressed to DOSM 拆启并分类整理寄给市场销售总监的信件。 Maintain a filing and trace system 维护文件的档案和跟踪管理系统。 Answer all incoming calls for DOSM and either transfer, redirect or take a message 接听打给市场销售总监的电话,然后转接、重拨或留言。 Maintain the strictest confidentiality at all times on all matters 对于任何事务应一贯保持高度机密。

Your day to day

Required Skills 技能要求 Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office 精通微软办公软件 Good communications and writing skills 良好的沟通和写作技能 Tasks and Project Management 具有工作和项目的管理能力 Qualifications 学历 Diploma in Business or Secretarial Study 具有商业或文秘的大专学历 Experience 经验 1 years of secretarial experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience 1年文秘工作经验,或具有与此相当的教育与工作经验结合的背景
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