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Sales Manager 销售经理-Hualuxe

Hotel Brand: Hualuxe
Location: Mainland China, Zhejiang, Ningbo

Hotel: NGBUL - HUALUXE Ningbo Harbor City

Job number: HOTEL44590

About Us

Develop deep understanding and knowledge of key sectors targeted by hotel, and gain sectorial/account expertise when necessary to maximise lead conversion rate • 加强对酒店主要目标领域的深度了解和认识,必要时获取各行业/客户的专业知识,使线索转化率最大化。 Ensure the timely follow up and pursuit of business with customers’ leads in order to drive the highest levels of conversion • 确保及时的跟进并争取客户的业务线索,以推动线索转化达到最大程度。 Conduct and/or assist Sales team in customer negotiation process • 组织和/或协助销售团队的客户谈判程序。 Conduct proposal negotiation process and assist Business Development team where necessary Handle contract signing process • 处理合同签订程序。 Updated lead status in relevant systems and communicates lead status to relevant Business Development staff (e.g. account owner) • 在相关系统中更新线索状态并与相关业务拓展员工(如客户负责人)沟通线索状态。 Prepare and submit proposals • 编制并提交报价。 Ensure accurate and timely updating of a record of all relevant activities and customer information in the provided Sales System (i.e. Delphi; Opera; etc.) for future reference and control purposes • 确保在所提供的销售系统中(即Delphi,Opera 等)及时准确的更新所有活动的准确记录,以便将来参考与管理。 Perform other duties as assigned. 执行分配的其它工作。

Your day to day

2 – 5 years of relevant experience in customer relations in Hospitality or a related service industry. Type and level of experience required may vary slightly based on size and complexity of operation. 拥有2-5年酒店或相关服务业宾客关系的工作经验。所要求的经验类型与水平可视运营规模和复杂程度而有所不同。 Expected to possess the following skills 应具备以下技能: Good communication and negotiation skills • 良好的沟通和谈判技能。 Ability to take initiative, meet deadlines and commitments, and complete tasks and projects as required. • 能够身先士卒,遵守时间和承诺,按照要求完成任务和项目。 Strong organisational skills required to maintain electronic and paper filing systems • 具有较强的组织技能,能够维护电子和书面档案系统。 Maintain a high level of knowledge pertaining to policy and procedure and communicates knowledge effectively to all personnel when applicable. • 对制度和程序保持高度认识,在必要时能和所有人有效的交流知识。 Demonstrates clear and effective verbal and written skills for the purpose of obtaining and conveying information to clients, technicians, management and team members as well as producing reports • 具备清楚而有效的口头和书面表达能力,能从客户、技术人员、管理层和团队成员获取并向他们传达信息,以及编制报告。 Excellent PC skills (including MS Office) • 出色的电脑操作技能(包括微软办公软件)
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