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Rooms Manager

Hotel Brand: Holiday Inn
Location: Mainland China, Hainan, Qingshuiwan

Hotel: Holiday Inn Resort Hainan Clear Water Bay

Job number: HOTEL44662

About Us

• Director of the front office and housekeeping activities, ensure to achieve the expected quality and guest service standards, the implementation department revenue and profit targets. Comply with the government for emergency procedures and hotel security related laws or other regulations, comply with the brand standards and local policies and procedures at the same time. Provide guests with a unique experience, brand to life. • 主管前厅部和客房部的各项事务,确保达成预期质量和宾客服务标准,实现部门营收和利润目标。遵守政府对应急程序和酒店安全相关的法律或其它规定,同时遵守品牌标准和当地政策与流程。为宾客提供独特的体验,赋品牌以生命。

Your day to day

• In charge of daily operations. • 处理日常事务工作。 • To provide better service. • 做好房务部日常的运作,为住客提供优质服务。 • Ensure cleanliness, maintenance and service to Brand Standard . • 指导本部门的清洁、维修、保养,对客人的服务和流程,保证达到卫生标准,确保服务优质、设备完好。 • Make work schedule, Job Description and Standard Operating Procedure. • 制定卫生工作计划和岗位责任制、操作流程等。 • Communicate with HSKP staff, to continuously improve overall staff quality. • 抓好思想建设工作,不断提高部门员工整体素质。 • Set an example by implementing all the regulations, monitor and check the implementation status of Job Description and Standard Operating Procedure. • 以身作则贯彻执行各项规章制度,督导、检查各班级的岗位责任和操作 规程的执行落实情况。 • In charge of safety, fire prevention, theft prevention and etc. • 抓好安全、防火、防盗等工作。 • Implement the other issues requested . • 交办的其它工作。 • Check divisional Job Description, working status and staff’s grooming. • 检查各岗位的工作程序、工作状况及员工的仪容仪表情况。 • Improve work efficiency, to ensure cleanliness and service standard. • 提高部门工作效率,确保清洁卫生和服务质量水准。

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