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Revenue Management for Hire Specialist

Hotel Brand:
Location: China, Shanghai, Shanghai

Hotel: Corp Shanghai, 2nd Floor, Citigroup Tower, No. 33 Hua Yuan Shi Qiao Road, Pudong District, 200120

Job number: 109662

  • Support subscriber hotels Sales & Marketing strategies by identifying and providing recommendations in terms of pricing, yield management & forecasting to achieve agreed RevPAR, RGI (if applicable) and Revenue  objectives. 
  • Performs weekly review meetings with Hotels and all team members including 
    • Weekly review the Subscriber forecast for the next three months and adjust IBP
    • Monitor competitor pricing, understands the dynamic of the local market and the demand generators, and recommends appropriate actions to the Hotel Management team in terms of pricing and market mix strategy.
    • Monitor and determine demand periods through an analysis of historical data and current bookings.  Responsible for tracking and analyzing of booking pace as well as denied and regretted business.  
    • Discuss short-term & long-term selling strategy and adjust the GRS system.  Include rates to sell as well as overbooking levels.
    • Discuss price point expectations on Retail Rates, package offerings, etc. 
    • Identify any channels that are performing above or below expectations in order for hotels to determine the root causes (CRO, IHG Website, third parties).
    • Maximize individual rooms for sale by closely monitoring group pickup and identifying any unused inventory before individual booking window begins. 
  • Support subscribers to ensure compliance with all IBP rules and standard processes.
  • Manage use of revenue systems on a daily basis in regards to Best flexible rate optimization. Where the PERFORM system is not installed this includes responsibility for opening or closing GRS.
  • Understand the market drivers and key competitors for each subscriber hotel and monitor the general competitor activity and pricing.
  • Once a year, participate in the elaboration of the Integrated Business Plan for room revenue; full year room revenue re forecast and following next year budget and provide recommendations in terms of optimal business mix

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