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Receiving Clerk 收货员-Hualuxe

Hotel Brand: Hualuxe
Location: Mainland China, Zhejiang, Ningbo

Hotel: NGBUL - HUALUXE Ningbo Harbor City

Job number: HOTEL44604

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As per hotel control policy, check and accept coming goods. Ensure the quality achieve hotel standard. Actual receive quantity should be same as receiving record. And maintain hotel benefits. 根据酒店的控制制度,确保所收货的所有物品,在质量上达到酒店的标准要求;实际收货数与开据的收货记录一致。维护酒店利益。 •Keeps good communication and corporate relationship in department. 在部门间保持良好的交流及合作关系。 •Abides dept. leader’s decide、department meeting、working P&P and working plan. 遵守部门领导的各项决定、部门会议、工作程序及计划表。 •Attends required meeting & training. 参加要求的各种会议及培训。 •Keep appropriate standard for dressing、sanitation、uniform、image and action. 在着装、卫生、制服、形象及行为上要保持合适的标准。 •Provide friendly, in-time and professional service for the hotel relative department. 为酒店相关部门提供及时、友好、专业的服务。 •Maintain high level standard for supervised staff (if has) and self. 为自己及下属(如果有)保持高水平的专业标准。 •Obey the law of local & nation during work 在工作中遵守地方及国家的各项法律。 •Practice and training measure for emergency and loss prevention. 对酒店发生紧急情况及为防止损失所应采取的措施进行实践练习。 •Efficiently cooperates with the store, purchasing and cost control department. 配合仓库、采购部、成本控制等营运部门通力合作 •Check the item sent to the room. Check the quantity, package and other status in order to confirm whether they are corresponding with order list, fresh food purchase list and dried food purchase list. 对所有进入收货室的物品进行验收,检查其数量、质量、包装、计量单位及其它状况是否与送货单上所列明的相符,并验证是否与订货单、市场鲜货采购单、干货单相符。 •Keep tidy and clean for the receiving area 保持收货区域的干净、整洁。 •Assure the security of food. And demand the Chinese label stuck on the food 保证所收到的食品的食用安全性,要求保质期符合酒店规定,进口食物需要有中文标贴。 •Send the goods to the departments who need in time and ask the record from receivers 所收货物必须于当日发送到各个使用部门或仓库,并要取得收货员工的收货记录。 •Contact with the purchaser when there are more or less goods sent out 在多送货或少送货且数量较大时,与采购部门取得联系,进行协商。 •Check and register all stuffs which are sent to others from hotel 对所有从酒店出去的物品(如应归还包装物)都要进行登记、检查。 •Check the item taken from airport or railway station 对酒店需要到机场、火车站等地方提货的物品进行验收。 •Go to the engineering department to check the diesel by yourself 对于酒店锅炉用的柴油到货需要收货处亲自到工程部验收。 •Arrange the receiving record everyday and classify by department. Give to the costing department after signing. 每日整理当天全部的收货记录,按部门整理好,确保都签字确认后交到成本部。 •Receiving record is in three parts. The first sent to costing, the second sent to receiving and the third sent to suppliers. 收货记录第一联交成本部,第二联收货部存档,第三联交供应商以供其对账。 •Accomplish the task assigned by leaders.完成部门上级布置的特别任务。 •Obey the regulation of the staff’s regulation booklet. 严格遵守员工手册中制定的各项规章制度 •Supports and cooperate with receiver, purchaser and cost-control department 配合收货部、采购部、成本控制等营运部门通力合作

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•Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company. 完全代表酒店,品牌和公司与顾客,员工和第三方交往的能力。 •High School or Vocational Certificate in Accounting, Purchasing or related field. 具有高中或会计,采购或相关领域的职业证书。 •1 year related experience or an equivalent combination of education and work experience 一年相关的工作经验或与此相当的教育和相关工作经验结合的背景
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