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Procurement Supervisor 采购主管-Hualuxe

Hotel Brand: Hualuxe
Location: Mainland China, Zhejiang, Ningbo

Hotel: NGBUL - HUALUXE Ningbo Harbor City

Job number: HOTEL44602

About Us

我们酒店正在寻找睿智体贴、形象专业的员工加入我们的团队。 The concrete organization arranges the hotel thing, the equipment, project and so on material purchase work 具体组织安排酒店用品,设备,材料等项目的采购工作 • Arranges and supervises to inspect purchaser's routine work and to carry out the hotel rules and regulations and the purchase department working system situation, and makes the evaluation regularly to the work. 组织安排和督促检查采购员的日常工作及执行酒店规章制度及采购部工作制的情况,并对其工作定期作出评定。 • Coordinates closely with various departments, arranges the thing Shen Gou quoted price, selects business, the ordering. Frequently hearing opinion, improvement work. 与各部门密切配合,组织安排用品申购的报价,择商,定货。经常听取意见,改进工作。 • Assist to receive goods to check strictly to the general stores material, be responsible for not conform to the request cargo to negotiate exchanges of purchase. 配合收货部对一般用品严格把关,对不符合要求的货物负责交涉退换。 • Is responsible to food, the drink trademark, the packing, each kind of permit number, the label standardization, maintains freshness of health request and so on to carry on the inspection, guarantees the food sanitation, and prevents the fake and shoddy commodity to flow in the hotel. 负责对食品,饮料的商标,包装,各种许可证号,标签标准化,卫生保鲜要求等进行检查,保证食品卫生,防止假冒伪劣商品流入酒店。 • Carries out the market survey research, develops the source of goods channel unceasingly, recommends the new product, supplies the market information, proposed that reduces the goods procurement cost the measure to manage sends and puts to the reality. 开展市场调查研究,不断开发货源渠道,推荐新产品,提供市场信息,提出降低物品采购成本的措施办发并付诸实。 • Completes the purchase work , the document management and the statistical work 做好用品采购工作的资料管理和统计工作 作为回报,我们将为你提供具有市场竞争力的薪酬和福利,遍布全球的集团酒店的员工入住优惠,并为你提供学习新技能和拓展职业生涯的各种机会。你将加入一个杰出的团队,愉快地从事充满乐趣的工作,每天上班时你都会感到精神振奋、充满活力。最重要的是,我们会为你提供“尽炫自我的空间”。 如果这一切听上去正合你意,或者你还想了解更多信息,请访问www.ihg.jobs和我们联系,告诉我们你将如何把个人技能和热情融入到洲际酒店集团的工作中来。 加入我们的团队,做充满活力的自己!

Your day to day

1.具备星级酒店相关工作经验2年以上 2.对酒店的采购流程、渠道和市场等有一定的了解 3.具备一定的电脑操作能力 4.具备认真仔细的工作态度
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