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Personal Assistant Executive Office 总经办行政助理

Hotel Brand: Hotel Indigo
Location: Mainland China, Yunnan, Dali

Hotel: DLUDE - Hotel Indigo Dali Erhai

Job number: HOTEL49541

About Us

  • Preparing monthly operational results for meetings with cluster hotels.
  • 为与集团酒店的会议准备月度运营结果报告。
  • Understand the responsibilities of other units and departments and co-operate with them.
  • 了解其它部门的职责并与其密切合作。
  • Supervises the work of the Executive Office staff.
  • 监督行政办公室员工的工作。
  • Access and use work processing computer packages and keep up to date with enhancements to latest upgrades.
  • 熟练运用办公自动化软件并掌握最新版本应用。
  • Day-to-day secretarial work to include typing, filing, faxes and telephone etc.
  • 日常文秘工作包括打字,整理文件,传真和接听电话等。
  • Arranging internal / external appointments.
  • 安排内外会见。
  • Taking minutes of Department Heads /Ex.Com meeting as requested.
  • 需要时为部门领导会议和行政委员会会议作会议记录。
  • Reports directly to and communicates with the General Manager on all administrative matters.
  • 直接向总经理汇报和交流所有行政工作方面的事宜。
  • Cooperates, coordinates and communicates with Department Heads and other inter-departmental secretaries as appropriate.
  • 必要时配合,协调各部门领导和其它部门的秘书的工作并与他们进行沟通。
  • Assess priorities of work and assist in organizing General Manager’s priorities.
  • 确定工作的重要性从而协助总经理安排工作的先后次序。
  • Distribution of memos, letters and other information etc.
  • 分发备忘录,信件和其它信息等。
  • Maintain a filing and trace system.
  • 维护文件的档案和跟踪管理系统。
  • Answer incoming telephone calls and either transfer, redirect or take a message.
  • 接听来电,进行电话转接、重拨或留言。
  • Interacts with guests and individuals outside the hotel including, but not limited to, current and potential clients, owning company representatives, suppliers, competitors and other members of the local community.
  • 与酒店外的顾客和个人交往,包括但不限于:目前和可能的客户,业主公司代表,供应商,竞争对手和所在地社区成员。
  • Maintains the utmost confidentiality and discretion when handling business affairs.
  • 在处理业务时最大限度的保守机密并小心谨慎。
  • Arrange room and restaurant reservations for VIP guests/personnel.
  • 安排VIP客户或私人的订房和订餐。
  • Prepare welcome letters for GM’s signature.
  • 准备欢迎信给总经理签字。
  • Demonstrate essential overall knowledge of the organization.
  • 掌握本组织结构的基本知识。
  • Understand the responsibilities of other sections and departments and co-operate with them.
  • 理解其他部门的工作职责并能与之协调。
  • Communicate in both verbal and written with the owning company.
  • 与业主公司保持口头和书面的沟通。


  • Other tasks assigned by General Manager.
  • 完成总经理交代的其他事项。

Your day to day

  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office.
  • 精通微软办公软件。
  • Ability to work and communicate with expatriates.
  • 能和外籍员工共事、沟通。
  • Quick response to GM’s instruction.
  • 对总经理的指示能迅速反应。
  • Able to work under pressure and flexible.
  • 能够适应高强度工作和灵活多变的工作内容。
  • Good communications internally and externally.
  • 良好的内外沟通技能。
  • Tasks and Project Management.
  • 具有工作和项目的管理能力。
  • Necessary knowledge of hotel management and hotel operation, familiar with hotel industry.
  • 了解必要的酒店管理和酒店营运知识,并熟悉酒店行业。

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