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Mr. Fisher Outlet Chef 水下餐厅厨师长

Hotel Brand: InterContinental Hotels
Location: Mainland China, Shanghai, Shanghai

Hotel: InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

Job number: HOTEL49923

About Us

·         Supervise the kitchen in the preparation and presentation of all food items in accordance with the hotel’s food and beverage standards and standardised menu guidelines

·         监管厨房工作,按照酒店的餐饮标准和标准化菜单的规定对所有菜目进行制作和装饰。

·         Monitor standards of production to ensure quality

·         监督制作标准以确保质量。

·         Supervise all aspects of kitchen cleanliness and co-ordinate the effective utilisation of all kitchen attendant within the effective manning levels, ensuring that all kitchen areas are maintained in a hygienic condition at all times and ensuring adherence to hotel standards

·         监督酒店清洁情况,在人力配置合理水平范围内协调厨房服务员的利用工作,确保厨房卫生的保持工作达到酒店标准。

·         Control of food purchasing levels in liaison with the Stores person

·         与库管人员一起控制食品采购水平。

·         Control the drafting of rosters, ensuring each area is effectively covered and within keeping of the hotel’s annual manning and payroll budgets. These guidelines to be provided by the General Manager

·         管理排班表的起草工作,确保覆盖所有工作领域,却不超出酒店的年度人力配置和工资预算。总经理将负责制定指导方针。

·         Under the direction of the Food and Beverage manager and with the stores department assist and maintain with the continuous monitoring of all aspects pertaining to the control of the hotel’s food cost

·         在餐饮部经理的指导下,与库存部门一起协助对所有与酒店食品管理相关的各个方面进行持续性的监控。

·         Be actively involved in the hotel’s Total Quality Management programme, having a sound knowledge and understanding of InterContinental Hotels TQM philosophies, ensuring its effectiveness in the operation of the kitchen, encouraging all staff to play an active role

·         积极参与酒店的完全质量管理活动,熟知并理解洲际酒店集团的完全质量管理理念,确保其在厨房工作中的有效性,鼓励所有员工发挥积极性。

·         Ensure the kitchen is maintained to high hygiene standard at all times and safe food handling practices are followed

·         随时保证厨房卫生达到最高的标准,并遵守安全食品处理条例。

·         Be fully conversant with the hotel’s fire, security and emergency procedures

·         准确记录事故,确保所有隐患均得到检查,以减少未来事故的发生。

·         To perform any other duties so directed by the General Manager that affect the operation and profitability of the kitchen and department

·         执行其它由总经理分派的任务,以促进厨房和部门的运作和利润。

Your day to day

·         Based upon menu item sales figures, review the profitability and popularity of dishes upon the menu and make changes where applicable (this function is be carried out in conjunction with the General Manager)

·         在菜单菜目销售数字的基础上,检查菜单上菜目的利润情况和受欢迎的程度,并在适当时做相应调整(与总经理共同履行此项职责)。

·         Ensure the highest standards of personal presentation, hygiene and conduct in accordance with the hotel standards

·         依照酒店标准,确保个人形象、卫生和行为的最高标准。

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