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Marketing Executive

Hotel Brand:

Job number: 101353

What is the job?

As Marketing Executive you’ll develop and implement strategies to ensure PR activities and room night sales goals are achieved, sales and marketing strategies are set together, tactical plans are created and implemented, and results are monitored and achieved. 

Your day to day

•Manage daily Marketing activities    


•Train your teams to make sure they understand any new implementation or new tools to work effectively  


•Drive a great working environment for teams to thrive – connect departments to create sense of one team   


•Interact with outside contacts: guests, vendors, and other contacts as needed  


•Develop and maintain great working relationships with key clients and outside contacts to increase PR activities and revenue  



 Marketing Activities

•Hit all personal/team marketing goals and maximize PR activities and profitability  


•Help prepare the departmental budget and financial plans including the hotel marketing plan  


•Create and implement marketing plans and packages that drive measurable incremental occupancy, increase average rates, increase volume, food and beverage and banquet sales  


•Produce and Review reports and marketing forecasts to analyse current/potential market and sales trends, coordinate activities to increase revenue and market share and monitor performance to ensure actual market activities meet or exceed established revenue plan  


•Create and develop special events and Marketing blitzes to showcase the hotel to potential clients and guests. Attend major market events locally and nationally to promote new business and increase marketing opportunities for the hotel



Guest Experience

•Provide guests with information (example: loyalty programmes, area attractions, restaurants, facility information) to enhance guest experience 

•Schedule conventions and/or business group activities at the hotel and coordinate with other hotel-level departments to facilitate services agreed upon by the sales & Marketing office and prospective clients 

 •Lead marketing efforts to up sell guests on hotel services, offerings, and amenities



Responsible Business 

•Work closely with key business leaders, officials, and representatives of local community groups within the city to ensure constant high profile exposure for the hotel 

•Work with advertising agencies, consulting firms, and vendors to maximise advertising investments and ensure ads represent brand identity 

•Raise the awareness and reputation of your hotel and the brand locally – occasionally acting as hotel representative for media

•Identify improvements to marketing activities and overall hotel sales performance and work with other departments  

•Ad-hoc duties – unexpected moments when we have to pull together to get a task done



This is the top sales and marketing job in a large, luxury, resort, or major flagship hotel. Hotel may have multiple sites and facilities, high-volume catering and/or convention facilities, and a large number of VIP and special service guests. May manage a large number of professional level and administrative sales, catering, and/or convention employee


What we need from you

•Bachelor’s degree / higher education qualification / equivalent in marketing or related field s

•Four or more years of experience in a hospitality or hotel sales and marketing 

•Strong knowledge of local businesses and business trends required 

•Must speak local language(s)  

• Other languages preferred

Don't quite meet every single requirement, but still believe you'd be a great fit for the job? We'll never know unless you hit the 'Apply' button. Start your journey with us today and let's #GoFurtherTogether.

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