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Lobby Lounge Manager 大堂吧经理

Hotel Brand: InterContinental Hotels
Location: Mainland China, Guangdong, Shenzhen

Hotel: SZXHA - InterContinental Shenzhen

Job number: HOTEL43246

About Us

• Manage the bar/lounge operations of the hotel to ensure the achievement of established beverage quality and guest service quality standards and departmental revenue and profit goals. • 管理酒店酒吧和咖啡厅的运营,确保已打造的酒水质量和宾客服务质量标准,以及部门收入和利润目标。 • Adhere to local regulations concerning health, safety, or other compliance requirements, as well as brand standards and local policies and procedures. • 遵守当地的卫生和安全法规,或其它适用的规定,以及品牌规范和当地的规章制度。

Your day to day

• Deliver Food and Beverage service of high standard and in accordance with departmental standards and procedures • 按照部门的规范和程序提供高标准的餐饮服务。 • Develop departmental standards and procedures to promote salesmanship, beverage creativity and profit • 为销售,饮品创新和利润制定部门的规范和程序。 • Communicates to his/her superior any difficulties, guest comments and other relevant information • 与上级领导交流有关疑难,客人意见和其它相关信息。 • Delivers daily briefings and attends other Food and Beverage meetings as scheduled • 召开每日例会和参加计划好的餐饮部会议。 • Delivers prepared training sessions in line with a departmental monthly calender • 按照部们的月度活动日历提供制定的培训课程。 •  o Adhering to stock control procedures o 遵循存货管理程序 • Take appropriate action to resolve guest complaints • 正确处理客人的投诉。 • Requisition bar items according to bar stocks • 根据酒吧存货量领取酒吧物品。 • Train bar attendant, wait help and bus help in basic beverage knowledge and beverage service • 为酒吧侍应生提供基本的饮料知识和饮料服务的培训。 • Complete spillage report and submit to Food and Beverage manager at the Conclusion of each shift • 填写洒酒单并在每班结束后交给餐饮经理。 • Assist to promote the musicians • 协助乐师的推广工作。 • Design promotional material which is aimed at increasing revenue, covers and profit for the Bar with the approval of the Food and Beverage Manager • 设计以增加收入,人数和利润为目的的酒吧宣传材料,然后由餐饮经理审批。 • Works with Superior on manpower planning and management needs • 和上级领导一起进行人力规划和管理需求。 • Works with Superior in the preparation and management of the Department’s budget • 和上级领导一起编制和管理部门预算。
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