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IHG Future Leader Aspire Programme - EVEN Nanjing Yangtze River

Hotel Brand: Even Hotels
Location: Mainland China, Jiangsu, Nanjing

Hotel: Even Nanjing Yangtze River

Job number: HOTEL42343

About Us

What is the IHG Future Leader Aspire Programme? Join our 12-18 months Future Leader Aspire Programme and you will learn the ins and outs of running a great hotel, while developing all the skills you will need to lead our business in the future. You will have the chance to work in every function of the hotel before selecting your area of specialization. With the General Manager as your personal mentor, you will receive industry-leading training and development within the business. What does the recruitment process look like? We are looking for only the strongest future leaders, so you will need to complete the following steps before we make you an offer: - Online application at - Telephone / Face to Face / Virtual interview - Online Assessment - Virtual Assessment Center - Confirm & Offer When does the IHG Future Leader Aspire Programme start? The IHG Future Leader Aspire Programme application starts from the second quarter of 2021. Interested? Please visit 洲际酒店管理集团“梦想之梯”管理培训生项目是什么? 参加我们为期12-18个月的“梦想之梯”管理培训生项目的课程, 你将学习到管理一家出色的酒店所需的详尽知识, 同时发展你在未来领导酒店经营所需要的技能。 在选择专业领域之前,你将有机会在酒店的每个职能部门中工作。总经理作为你的职业发展导师,引导你接受行业领先的培训和发展。 我们的招聘流程是什么? 我们只为寻找最有实力的未来领导者,因此在我们为你提供培训机会之前,你需要完成以下步骤: - 在careers.ihg.com上进行在线申请 - 电话/线下/视频面试 - 网上测试 - 在线评估中心 - 确认、入职 “梦想之梯-”管理培训生项目何时开始申请? 我们将从2021年第二季度开始接受网上申请。 想了解更多详情? 请登录

Your day to day

What is the selection criteria? We’re looking for people with: •University graduate with a high diploma degree with strong leadership potential •Chinese citizenship or permanent Chinese residency •A high standard of English proficiency •Excellent interpersonal skills •Leadership qualities •Passion for the hospitality industry •Hotel working or internship experience is preferred 我们的选拔标准是什么? 我们寻找的人才需具备: •具有较高学历的大学毕业生并具备很强的领导潜力 •中国公民或永久中国公民身份  •较高英文水平 •出色的人际沟通技巧 •对酒店行业充满热爱 •拥有酒店工作或实习经验者优先

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