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厦门集美海景皇冠假日酒店-Hygiene Manager 卫生经理

Hotel Brand: Crowne Plaza
Location: Mainland China, Fujian, Xiamen

Hotel: Crowne Plaza Xiamen Jimei Seaview

Job number: HOTEL47765

About Us

Personal Hygiene 个人卫生 Critical Control Points System 关键点控制系统 Evaluation of corrective actions 纠正措施的评估 Staff medical records updating system 员工医疗记录更新系统 Premises 场地 Critical control points 关键控制点 F&B and Engineering preventive maintenance list 餐饮和工程部维修保养清单 Action plan rectification 行动计划整改 Delivery and Storage 交货与货物存放 Tracking system for control of supplier operating licenses 控制供应商操作许可证的跟踪系统 Daily checklist by shift for chiller temperature control 冷库温度控制的每日轮班检查表 Control of dry store food rotation 干货存储周转的控制 Preparation and storage 食品的制备和储藏 Cooking control points 烹饪控制点 Storage control points 储藏控制点 Serving control points 供应控制点 Cleaning 清洁 Regular tour of the house with Executive Chef / Chief Steward and Duty Engineer 与行政总厨/总管事和值班工程师定期巡视酒店 Monthly Hygiene Committee to review minutes and outstanding issues 每月一次卫生委员会回顾会议记录和未解决的问题 Dish washing control points 洗碗控制点 Training 培训 Involvement in Food Safety training for food handlers 参与食品加工人员的食品安全培训 Evaluation of efficiency of training from chemical supplier 评估化学品供应商所提供培训的效果 Document and Control 文档和控制 Weekly checklist for Food Preparation / Storekeeper / Cost Control / Stewarding / Food Production 食品制备/仓库管理员/成本控制/管事/食品加工的每周检查清单 Monthly Food Safety Training report 食品安全培训月度报告 Monthly Food Lab Test report 食品实验室检测月度报告 Chemical Supplier Group Audit report 化学品供应商集团审计报告

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Required Skills – 技能要求 Full knowledge of local hygiene laws and rules. Detailed knowledge about HACCP and FSMS. 充分了解本地的卫生法律和法规 详细了解危害分析与关键控制点(HACCP)和食品安全管理体系(FSMS) Qualifications 资历 Minimum 2 years work experience as Hygiene Manager Good practical, operational and adequate administrative skills 最少两年担任卫生经理的工作经验 良好的实际经营和充足的行政管理技能 Experience 工作经验 2 years related experience, including supervisory experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience 两年相关经验,包括监管经验,或同等的教育和工作经历的结合。

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