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Housekeeping Coordinator 客房部协调员(筹备)

Hotel Brand: Crowne Plaza
Location: Mainland China, Guangdong, Chaozhou

Hotel: Crowne Plaza Chaozhou Riverside

Job number: HOTEL45276

About Us

To receive check-outs from Front Office and communicates these to Floor Supervisor. 从前台获得退房信息并迅速告诉楼层主管 To record daily okay rooms. 记录更新当日所有可用房。 To keep record of keys and floor master keys issued to other departments and floors. 记录分发到各个楼层和其它部门的万能钥匙。 To send items for repairing to department concerned and inform Floor Supervisor when repaired item is ready for pick up. 将需要维修的东西送至工程部维修并且知会楼层主管何时可以取回。 To record guests’ requests in Log Book and make certain that requests are taken care of. 在交班本里记录客人的需要并且关注客人的需要是否得到满足。 To record all telephone calls and follow up. 记录所有的电话并跟进解决问题。 To handle and log calls from Floor Supervisors and room attendants for trouble and advises department concerned. 记录楼层主管和客房服务员遇到的问题,并与相关部门进行协调。 To maintain and update information recorded on Planning and Schedule Boards. 保持和更新“计划和日程公告板”上的信息。 To prepare payroll reports. 准备工资报表。 To make requisitions from General Storeroom. 准备从总库领货的申请表。 To make purchase requests. 填写采购申请单。 To handle all incoming and outgoing records. 处理所有进出文件。 To maintain and update room history records. 保持和更新房况记录。 To answer telephone and handle guest requests. 接听电话,处理客人问讯。 To type Housekeeping forms, documents, reports and memorandums. 打印客房部的报表、文件以及一些章程等。 To file documents according to established system. 按照既定系统将各种文件存档。 To handle complementary orders, cancellations or room changes. 处理临时订房、预订取消、换房等。 To keep the concerned Floor Supervisors informed regarding group arrival, group departures and preset up for VIP arrivals. 随时告知楼层主管关于团队的到达、离店、VIP客人抵达等相关的信息等。 To handle lost and found: 处理失物招领: To receive found items. 收到遗失物品。 To enter name in Log Book in numerical sequence. 在失物招领本中按数字顺序记录失物名称。 To place articles by category in corresponding boxes. 将物品按类放入到相应的盒子里。 To record all washable found items and send them to the laundry. 记录可洗的物品并且将之送到洗衣房。 To handle inquiry of lost articles. 处理失物的有关问题。 To trace lost articles with assistance of the Security Department. 在保安部的协助下寻找遗失的物品。 To parcel and mail found articles. 包裹或邮寄找到的物品’ To prepare employees package Gate Pass. 准备员工所需表格。 To return found article to finder. 将无人认领的物品还发给发现人。 To do special assignment given by her / his supervisor. 完成主管交给的额外任务。

Your day to day

Required Skills – 技能要求 Good written and verbal skills. 良好写作和口头表达能力。 Good knowledge of Housekeeping office daily operation. 具有良好的管家部办公室日常运作方面的知识。 Housekeeping Opera 、Onq system . 能使用Opera、 Onq系统。 Computer basic knowledge. 能熟练操作电脑。 Qualifications – 学历 1. University / Pre-university education. 本科/专科学历。 Experience – 经验 1. Good command in English (verbal & written). 很好的英文掌握能力(口语和书写)。 2. At least one year working experience. 至少一年的工作经验。
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