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Housekeeping Attendant 客房部服务员

Hotel Brand: InterContinental Hotels
Location: Mainland China, Shanghai, Shanghai

Hotel: InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

Job number: HOTEL49921

About Us

·         Cleans and maintains guest rooms, guest corridors, linen rooms and cupboards according to set standards and procedures

·         按照既定标准和工作程序,对客房、走廊、布草房和餐具柜进行清洁。

·         Replenishes guest supplies

·         补充客用品。

·         Ensures guest services specified by superiors and guests requests are promptly and courteously met

·         及时、礼貌的完成上级指定的对客服务并满足客人的要求。

·         Reports damage or malfunction in hotel rooms to superior

·         向上级汇报酒店客房内的损坏或故障情况。

·         Maintains equipment in proper state of cleanliness and repair

·         保证设备的清洁和修缮。

·         Maintains a section room report

·         完成区域客房报告。

·         Maintains a daily room checklist

·         完成每日客房检查工作单。

·         Meets with superior and takes on daily assigned tasks

·         与上级会面并承担每日分配的任务。

·         Reports and submits lost and found articles to superior immediately

·         及时向上级汇报和上交与客人遗失物品。

·         Report guest complaints to superior immediately

·         及时向上级汇报客人的投诉。

·         Reports unusual behavior/activities on floors to supervisor

·         向上级汇报楼层里的反常行为和活动。

·         Records room status in allocated section accurately

·         准确记录在划定的区域内的房间情况。

·         Complies with hotel’s health, safety and hygiene policy

·         遵守酒店的健康、安全和卫生政策。

·         Adheres to personal grooming and hygiene standards

·         保持个人仪容和卫生标准。

·         Attends meetings and training sessions as required

·         按要求参加会议和培训活动。

·         Creates and maintains floral arrangements

·         制作并保持插花。

·         Carry out valet services when required including delivery of linen or processing laundry orders

·         如有需求则完成贴身管家服务,包括派送布草或处理洗衣预订等。


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