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Reservation Manager 预订部经理

Hotel Brand: Regent Hotels & Resorts
Location: Mainland China, Beijing, Beijing

Job number: HOTEL46942

About Us

  • Monitor the daily operations of the Reservations department and ensure the efficient handling of data, bookings and client feedback;
  • Control rooms inventory including allocation and reservations to maximize yield;
  • Track sales programs/promotions/advertising and provide feedback as necessary to relevant departments;
  • Track and establish pick up trends, occupancy history and market segment development to facilitate forecasting;
  • Monitor front office tracking of guest history data;
  • Create and maintain allotments;
  • Ensure accuracy of guest history and client profiles in the database;
  • Ensure rates are accurately loaded and maintained in Curtis-C reservation system;
  • Collate, maintain and distribute relevant information and data obtained from both existing sources (consultants, economic forecasters) and external sources;
  • Manage Hotel Bank and GDS close out/opening-up dates, if applicable in connection with the Revenue Manager;
  • Submit end of month sales report;
  • Prepare weekly sales strategy reports;
  • Conduct market research and analysis;
  • Report on competitor activity;
  • Participate in the preparation of strategic plans.

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