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Personal Assistant Executive Office 总经办行政助理 - Crowne Plaza

Hotel Brand: Crowne Plaza
Location: Mainland China, Hubei, Shennongjia

Hotel: HPGSH - Crowne Plaza Shennongjia

Job number: HOTEL46937

About Us

Directs all aspects of secretarial work in the hotel, maintains the executive office and all matters relating to executive administration in a confidential, professional manner 管理和指导酒店文秘工作的方方面面,使行政班公室保持洲际酒店集团的形象标准,并保证用保密和专业的态度处理所有与行政管理相关的工作。 Provides efficient and comprehensive secretarial services to Executive staff to meet the needs of customers 为行政员工提供高效和全面的秘书服务,从而满足宾客的需求。 Be familar with IHG P&P or any paper work schedules. 熟悉洲际政策程序和书面报表程序。

Your day to day

- Good English Communication, Reading and Writing skills 良好的英文沟通、书写和阅读能力 - Good Chinese Translation skill 良好的中英文翻译技能 - Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office 精通微软办公软件 - Tasks and Project Management 具有工作和项目的管理能力

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