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Security Guard 保安员

Hotel Brand: Holiday Inn
Location: Mainland China, Hainan, Lingshui

Hotel: Holiday Inn Resort Hainan Clear Water Bay

Job number: HOTEL35597

About Us

Responsible for maintaining safety and security of guests and hotel resources. 负责维护客人和酒店资源的安全。 We need you to: 我们需要你: • Be charming by being approachable, having confidence and showing respect. • 亲切、充满自信、体现尊重来展现富有魅力的你。 • Stay in the moment by understanding and anticipating guests’ needs, being attentive and taking ownership of getting things done. • 理解和预测宾客的需要、做到细心周到、具主人翁精神、把事情办好,保持专注当下。 • Make it memorable by being knowledgeable, sharing stories and showing your style to create moments that make people feel special. • 见多识广、分享阅历、展现你的风格来创造令人感觉特别的时刻,做到令人难忘。

Your day to day

1 year of security and safety experience and/or military/law enforcement experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience Certification in safety and training and/or licensed as a Security Officer or Law Enforcement Officer may be required. Certified CPR, First Aid instructor and training in law enforcement techniques desired. Working knowledge of local laws, investigation methods, OSHA requirements and fire codes and life safety codes. 具有一年保安经验和军队或执法经验,或与此相当的教育与工作经验结合的背景拥有安全和培训及保安人员和执法人员的证书。认证的CPR,救生培训员及接受过必要的执法技巧培训。具有本地法律,调查手段,OSHA要求和消防规范及生命安全规范的工作知识。

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