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Guest Service Center Supervisor 宾客服务中心主管

Hotel Brand: InterContinental Hotels
Location: Mainland China, Shanghai, Shanghai

Hotel: InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

Job number: HOTEL49918

About Us

·         Directs, supervises and coordinates the activities in Telecommunication department

·         指导、监督和协调电信部的活动

·         Develops and implement procedures for proper handling in and out going telephone calls, facsimile transmission, rental equipment, lease telephone lines and other telecommunication services

·         开发和应用相关程序,适当处理进出酒店的电话、传真以及设备和电话线租用及其它电信服务

·         Investigates complaints regarding the Telecommunication services and the Operators and technicians, takes appropriate actions.

·         调查关于电信服务部及话务员和技术人员的投诉并采取相应措施

·         Develops working plans to carry out goals, compares actual achievements against goal periodically, take necessary corrective actions

·         制订工作计划以实现目标,定期将实际成绩与所定目标进行对比,并采取必要的纠正措施

·         Organizes and conducts regular meeting for all Telecommunication staff to facilitate communication and a smooth operation

·         组织和召开由所有电信部工作人员参加的会议,以加强交流和保证业务的顺利进行

·         Manages and monitors the operation of all equipment’s, software, hardware and endure all units are working and installed properly

·         对所有设备、软件、硬件进行管理和监测,并确保其安装和运转良好

·         Ensures all telecommunication equipment’s are covered by the correct maintenance contract and the preventive maintenance is performed

·         确保所有电信设备的维护均得到有效外包,并对其实施预防性维护

·         Maintains up to date list of all telecommunication equipment

·         更新列有所有电信设备的清单

·         Monitors the performance of PABX/Voice Mail/Call Accounting software and maintain logbook of equipment performance report

·         监测程控交换机,语音邮件,通信呼叫统计软件的运转情况,并將设备运转报告的登記在日志上

·         Investigates and reports software problem to Vendors, coordinates interface problem solving with the hotel System Manager

·         就软件出现的问题进行调查,并向供应商提交报告,与酒店系统部经理协调界面问题的解决

·         Maintains suitable record to process telephone calls in the billing system, and to maintain record of the room status up to the Brand minimum standards

·         保持适当记录,以处理酒店计费系统中的电话,并按照品牌最低标准保持客房情况记录

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