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General Cashier 总出纳-Hualuxe

Hotel Brand: Hualuxe
Location: Mainland China, Zhejiang, Ningbo

Hotel: NGBUL - HUALUXE Ningbo Harbor City

Job number: HOTEL44600

About Us

Job Summary – (Role Summary) 工作概述﹣(职位概述) • Responsible for the timely preparation of the daily banking of cash, preparing the General Cashiers Summary and processing petty cash 负责及时完成现金存储的准备工作,准备总出纳单和处理零用现金。 Essential Duties and Responsibilities – (Key Activities of the role) 主要职责﹣(职务的主要工作) • Daily banking involving the collection of banking envelopes from safe, and the opening, counting and balancing as a whole 每日的银行业务,包括从保险箱中收取现金信封,开启,核数,并进行总体结算。 • Process petty cash as required and reconcile weekly 按要求处理零用现金,每周进行对账 • Prepare over and under, balance monthly and present to Business Manager of designate 准备月度账目的出入和结算,然后呈交给相关的业务经理 。 • Issue and return house bank contracts as required and prepare house bank accounts summary on a monthly basis 按要求签发和回收银行合同,并按月准备酒店银行账目总表。 • Process due backs daily 每日进行补足出纳备用金的工作 • Liaise with Department Heads about cashiering problems 与各部门领导就现金使用的问题进行协调 • Liaise with income auditor 与收入审计员协调工作 • Monitor hotel exchange rats and adjust as necessary in accordance with Finance Policy 监控酒店的外汇兑换汇率,并依照集团的财务制度进行必要的调整

Your day to day

Required Skills –技能要求 • Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company. 完全代表酒店,品牌和公司与顾客,员工和第三方交往的能力。 • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office 熟练使用微软办公软件 • Good writing skills 良好的写作技巧 Qualifications –学历 • Vocational Certificate in Accounting or Business Administration or related field.  具有会计,商业管理或相关的职业证书。 Experience –经验 • 1 year experience as cashier, teller, or similar; or an equivalent combination of education and work experience 一年出纳,收银员或相似的工作经验;或与此相当的教育和相关工作经验结合的背景
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