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GRO 宾客关系主任

Hotel Brand: InterContinental Hotels
Location: Mainland China, Hubei, Wuhan

Hotel: WUHHA - InterContinental Wuhan

Job number: HOTEL41427

About Us

What's your passion? Whether you're intotennis, shopping or karaoke, at IHG we're interested in YOU. At IHG we employpeople who apply the same amount of care and passion to their jobs as they dotheir hobbies - people who put our guests at the heart of everything they do.And we're looking for more people like this to join our friendly andprofessional team.您的激情是什么?无论您的爱好是网球、购物或是卡拉OK,在洲际酒店集团,我们都对您非常欢迎。洲际酒店集团希望招募到那些把同样的关注和激情如同付诸于他们的爱好那样投入到工作中的人- 那些用心对待客人每件事情的员工。目前我们在招募更多这样的员工加入我们充满动力与活力的团队。 As a GRO your responsiblity will be: 作为一名宾客关系主任,您的职责为 •Plan and co-ordinate the provision of friendly, efficient services to guests 进行相关计划和协调工作,以确保向客人提供友好和高效的服务 •Schedule activities for guests 安排客人的活动日程 •Plan and co-ordinate all promotional activities targeting clients 计划和协调所有针对客户的促销活动 •Trace relevant statistics about clientele 对客户的相关统计数字进行跟踪 •Co-ordinate and supervise all activities for guests 协调和监督对客人开展的所有活动 •Assist with check-ins/check-outs of clients 协助客人办理入住和退房手续 •Greet Guests upon arrival 在客人抵店时进行迎接 •Room Guests 为客人安排客房 •Cover guest relations desk 负责客户关系台的工作 •Assist guests with airline bookings and reconfirmation’s 协助客人进行航班预订和确认 •Assist all departments in being receptive to the needs of guests 协助所有部门满足客人的各种需求 •Assist staff with language and culture 就语言和文化对员工进行辅导 •Attend recreation activities when necessary 如有必要,可参加一些相关招待活动 •Plan and conduct group and function rundown meetings 计划并召开关于团组和活动的总结会 •Assist in any other duties when required by the Guest Relations Manager 按照客户经理的要求对其它任务进行协助 •Assist with translations (information; guest directory; menus etc) as required 按要求协助翻译(信息、客户名单、菜单等) •Provide feedback from Guests to Front Office Manager for action 将从客人处得到的反馈向前厅部经理汇报,以期采取相应行动 So what'syour passion? Please get in touch and tell us how you can bring your individualskills to IHG.那么,什么是您的激情?请联系我们并将告诉我们,您将如何把自己的个人技能带入洲际酒店集团。To find outmore about us and apply for this or any other jobs with IHG please contact usat www.ihg.jobs欲知有关洲际酒店集团或洲际的其他工作的更多详情,请登陆我们全球人才网站
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