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Franchise Hotel - 前台接待员 (Copy)

Hotel Brand: Crowne Plaza
Location: Mainland China, Xishuangbanna

Hotel: Resort Xishuangbanna Parkview - (JHGXB)

Job number: FRJHGXB2060

This job posting is for a position at a Hotel owned and operated by , an independent franchisee, not by IHG or its affiliates. IHG has no involvement in the hiring or day-to-day employment policies or practices of franchisees.

By clicking the apply button, you will be applying for a position with an independently owned and operated franchise hotel, not with IHG or its affiliates, and IHG will not be your employer.


About Us


隶属于洲际酒店集团,是全球最大的酒店管理公司之一,由融创中国控股有限公司投资的西双版纳国际度假区项目的五星级酒店,位于西双版纳州景洪市,占地5.3平米公里,是一个综合型文化旅游项目。酒店拥有410间宽敞舒适的客房和套房、“吉”咖啡厅 及“祥”中餐厅 、宴会厅、多功能厅、室内及室外泳池和儿童乐园可以供您使用。


Your day to day

·         Greets all guests at all times in a friendly and helpful manner and attempts to learn and use guest’s name at every opportunity 

·         随时以友好和乐于协助的态度迎接客人,并尽量了解和称呼客人的名字。

·         Registers and rooms all arrivals according to established procedures

·         按照既定工作程序为所有来客登记并安排房间。

·         Maintains intimate knowledge of departmental standards and procedures

·         熟知部门标准工作程序。


·         Performs check in, check out and room change procedures and ensures all data are entered completely into the hotel systems in accordance with reservation

·         履行入住、退房和换房手续,并确保所有资料都按照预订情况完整的输入酒店电脑系统。

·         Maintains cashier float and ensures accurate daily report of all money received

·         保持库存现金限额并保证每日对所收现金进行准确报告。

·         Cashes hotel guest’s personal and travelers checks and assists with currency exchange

·         为酒店客人的个人支票及旅行支票兑换现金,并协助进行外汇兑换。

·         Keeps abreast of all modifications to accounting policies and procedures

·         随时留意会计政策和工作程序的变化 。

·         Responsible and attends to guest’s request of using the service of safety box at all times

·         随时负责回应客人关于使用保险箱服务的要求。

·         Knowledgeable of all special promotion procedures, for programs such as; Seasonal Packages, Frequent Flyers Programs, and also Intercontinental Hotels Group Loyalty programs.

·         熟知所有特别促销活动,如:季节性套餐计划、常客优惠计划以及洲际酒店集团忠实方案。

·         Attends to guest’s complaints, inquiries and requests, referees problems to supervisor/Assistant Manager if he/she unable to assist

·         处理客人的投诉、问询和请求,如果自己无法提供协助,则将问题转给主管和经理助理 。

·         Is familiar with other Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts so that guest indicating any next destination on the registration card can be “sold” an onward booking to another InterContinental Hotels

·         熟悉洲际酒店和度假村集团的其它成员酒店,以便当客人在登记卡上写出以后要去的目的地时可以游说其在另一家洲际酒店集团成员酒店进行提前预订 。

·         Does everything possible to ensure that the guests depart the hotel with a positive impression of hotel service

·         尽一切努力确保客人在离店时会对酒店的服务有很好的印象。

·         Performs the audit balances and prepares all works for audit in an orderly fashion

·         执行审计结余,并为审计工作进行各项有序的准备。

·         When on night shift, checks night report, prepare the morning report and prepare all necessary forms for the guest arrival

·         在值班时检查夜班报告,准备早班报告,并为客人的到来准备各种必要的表格。

·         Maintains comprehensive knowledge of standard reservation procedures including correct forms to use, how to read telex, e-mail, messages, and how to interpret availability sources within the reservation systems

·         全面了解标准的预订工作程序,包括如何正确使用表格,如何读电传、电子邮件和留言,以及如何在预订系统内对房源情况进行解读。

·         Maintains exemplary deportment standards of behavior and appearance and attitude as expected in a IHG Brand

·         按照洲际酒店集团品牌的预期保持自己行为、外表和态度的高标准。

·         Takes personal interest and pride to ensure that the front desk work area is kept clean and in an orderly state al all times

·         随时保持前台工作区域的整洁和有序,并以此作为自己的个人兴趣和骄傲 。

·         Endeavors to maintain the high standards of the hotel with particular regard to the importance of IHG Loyalty Program member and other VIP’s and with reference to hotel and to be a health or safety hazard

·         力争保持酒店的高标准,特别注意洲际酒店集团忠实计划会员及其它贵宾的重要性,并重视酒店的健康和安全隐患等问题。

What we need from you

·         Communication skills are utilized a significant amount of time when interacting with others; demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company.

·         拥有在与他人交往时大多数时间所使用的沟通技能;完全代表酒店,品牌和公司与顾客,员工和第三方交往的能力。

·         Able to read and write English

·         能够读写英语

·         Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office and Front Office System

·         熟练使用微软办公软件和前台系统

What we offer




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