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F&B Admin 餐饮部秘书

Hotel Brand: Crowne Plaza
Location: Mainland China, Hainan, Sanya

Hotel: SYXBA - Crowne Plaza Resort Sanya Bay

Job number: HOTEL35370

About Us

Provides efficient and comprehensive secretarial. Maintain general filing systems Answer incoming telephone calls and either transfer, redirect or take a message Prepare or translate files, reports, correspondence and other relevant business documentation Handle general enquiries Prepare monthly departmental Attendance Record Arrange appointments and meetings Take dictation of correspondence as required Maintain confidentiality at all times on all matters Demonstrate essential overall knowledge of the organization Understand the responsibilities of other units and departments and co-operate with them Access and use work processing computer packages and keep up to date with enhancements to latest upgrades 提供高效全面的秘书服务。 维护档案管理系统。 接听来电,进行电话转接、重拨或留言。 准备及翻译各类文件、报告、往来信函及其他相关商务文件。 处理日常询问。 完成部门月度员工考勤汇总表 安排各类约见及会议。 需要时记录往来信件。 对于任何事务应一贯保持高度机密。 掌握集团的全面及关键信息。 了解其他部门和单位的职责并与其密切合作。 熟练运用办公自动化软件并掌握最新版本应用。

Your day to day

Qualification Diploma or Vocational Certificate in related field, 1 years of relevant experience or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience, Overseas background preferred, fluent in both oral and written English. 任职资格, 具有相关的毕业证书或职业证书; 1年相关工作经验或与此相当的教育与工作经验结合的背景; 英文说写流利,有海外留学经验优先考虑。
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