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Executive Chinese Chef 中餐行政总厨

Hotel Brand: Crowne Plaza
Location: Mainland China, Guangdong, Chaozhou

Hotel: Crowne Plaza Chaozhou Riverside

Job number: HOTEL45311

About Us

What's your passion? Whether you're into tennis,swimming or karaoke, at IHG we're interested in YOU. At IHG we employ people who apply the same amount of care and passion to their jobs as they do their hobbies - people who out our guests at the heart of everything they do. And we're looking for more people like this to join our friendly and professional team. 您的激情是什么? 无论您的爱好是网球,游泳或是卡拉OK,在洲际酒店集团,我们都对您非常欢迎。洲际酒店集团希望招募到那些把对爱好同样的关注和激情付诸于他们的工作中的人 - 那些用心对待客人和每件事情的员工。目前我们在招募更多这样的员工加入我们充满动力与活力的团队。

Your day to day

1.Complete forecasts, plans, and departmental production reports for management. 2.Participate in the preparation of the hotel’s annual budget and the setting of departmental goals. 3.Maintain updated and accurate costing and documentation of all dishes prepared and sold in the food and beverage operations. 4.Manage day-to-day kitchen activities, plan and assign work, and establish performance and development goals for team members. Provide mentoring, coaching, and regular feedback to help manage conflict and improve team member performance. 5.Educate and train team members in compliance with brand standards, service behaviours, and governmental regulations. Ensure staff has the tools, training, and equipment to carry out job duties. 6.Promote teamwork and quality service through daily communication and coordination with other departments. Assist sales, catering and banquet staff with banquets, parties and other special events. 8.Solicit guest feedback to improve food and presentation quality. 12.Develop menu design and concepts for all food and/or bar outlets, and catering events. Monitor competitor and industry trends. 13.Maintain procedures to ensure the security and proper storage of food and beverage products, inventory and equipment. Replenish supplies in a timely manner and minimise waste. 15.Adhere to governmental regulations as well as brand standards and hotel or company policies and procedures. QUALIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS Completion of a degree or certificate in culinary arts and five years of experience as a chef, with at least one year in a supervisory capacity, or equivalent combination of education and culinary/kitchen operations experience. Must speak local language(s). 1. 为酒店管理层准备各项预测、计划和部门生产报告。 2. 参与准备酒店年度预算,并设定部门目标。 3. 对所有在餐饮运营中制备和销售的菜品进行精确的成本核算、记录并及时更新。 4.处理厨房日常事务,计划并分配工作,为每个员工设定绩效及个人发展目标。为员工提供教导、辅导并给予定期反馈,帮助解决各种员工矛盾,提升员工业绩。 5. 遵照品牌标准、服务行为及政府法规教育和培训所有团队员工。确保员工获得恰当培训,并配备完成工作所需的各种工具和设备。 6. 通过与其它部门进行日常沟通和协作促进团队合作,提高服务质量。协助销售、餐饮和宴会部员工组织宴会、派对和其它特别活动。 8. 获取宾客反馈,不断提高食品品质及成品质量。 12.为所有的餐饮分部门、酒吧及餐饮宴会活动设计菜单和主题。监督本地竞争对手动向和行业趋势。 13.维护相关流程,确保食物和酒水产品、库存及设备的安全和正确储存。及时订购补充物资,避免浪费。 15. 遵守政府法规、品牌标准及酒店或公司的政策与操作流程。 任职要求 具有烹饪学历或证书,5年厨师经验,至少1年主管岗位经验,或具有其他同等烹饪学历及经验。必须掌握本地语言。
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