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Electrical Technician 电工

Hotel Brand: InterContinental Hotels
Location: Mainland China, Hainan, Sanya

Hotel: SYXHA - InterContinental Sanya Resort

Job number: HOTEL48467

About Us

您认为自己是优秀的 电工吗? 您的激情是什么?无论您的爱好是网球、购物或是卡拉OK,在洲际酒店集团,我们都对您非常欢迎。洲际酒店集团希望招募到那些把同样的关注和激情如同付诸于他们的爱好那样投入到工作中的人——那些用心对待客人每件事情的员工。目前我们在招募更多这样的员工加入我们充满动力与活力的团队。 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 工作职责 PEOPLE 员工团队:  Demonstrate co-operation and trust with colleagues, supervisors, teams and across departments 在同事、主管、团队人员及部门间显示出合作与信任  Communicate well to ensure effective shift handover 良好的沟通以确保有效交班  Actively participate in and conduct organized meetings 积极参加有组织的会议  Interact with department and hotel staff in a professional and positive manner to foster good rapport, promote team spirit and ensure effective two way communication 以专业积极的方式与部门及酒店员工进行互动,以培养促进和谐的团队精神并确保有效的双向沟通 GUEST EXPERIENCE 宾客体验:  Build and maintain positive relationships with all internal customers and guests in order to anticipate their needs 与所有内、外部客人建立并保持积极关系,预期其需要  Take action to address these needs in order to exceed their expectations 采取行动说明这些需求以便能超过他们的期望 2 / 4  Create a positive hotel image in every interaction with internal and external customers 在与内部及外部客人每一次互动的时候都争创积极的酒店形象  Adhere to hotel brand standards 坚持酒店品牌标准  Responsible for hotel TV, telephone and broadcasting system arrangement and daily maintenance 负责并安排饭店电视、电话、广播系统设备的日常维修。  Arrange TV, audio system program list, which can be applied after GM’S approval but not should be changed arbitrarily 编排电视、音响节目表,经总经理审批后播放,不得随意更改播放内容和时间。  Open and close the background music system on time 按时维保背景音乐等设备。

Your day to day

Required Skills 要求的技能  Inspire others to excel by clearly communicating department and section goals and priorities, recognizing good performance and supporting employees when required 通过清楚沟通部门、小组目标及工作优先安排激励其它员工超越自我,认可良好的工作表现并提供支持,如 有需要  Develop potential of others through training, coaching and development opportunities 通过培训、指导及发展机会培养其它有潜力的员  Promote your ideas persuasively, and shape the opinion of subordinates and overcome resistance 具说服力地提出自己的想法,并归纳下属意见及克服阻力  Build consensus for action and negotiate mutually beneficial solutions 使行动能得到大多数人的支持,并通过协商取得双赢的解决方法 Qualifications & Experience 学历和工作经验  Some college or advanced vocational training plus one years of experience in general building maintenance and/or construction or equivalent combination of education and experience. Specialized expertise in plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and carpentry fields 大专学历或高级职业培训经历和 1年常规建筑维修或建筑经验,或具有同等教育和工作经历。具备管道、电气、 机械与木工方面的专业技能

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