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Development - Developer, Holiday Inn Express 智选假日酒店开发优才

Hotel Brand: IHG Corporate Office
Location: Mainland China, Shanghai, Shanghai

Job number: CORPORATE05711

About Us

Job Summary 职位概述

Develop leads for potential development projects to support the strategic growth and distribution strategies for Holiday Inn Express brand under IHG in Greater China. Responsible for the implementation and execution of the development project review and monitoring process as determined by the Greater China Development team.     通过潜在的开发项目发展业务,来支持IHG大中华区的智选假日酒店品牌的战略增长。 负责大中华区发展部团队确定的开发项目审查的实施和执行并监控流程。


Essential Duties and Responsibilities   基本职责和责任

  • Responsible for Business Planning process to identify and determine optimal distribution for Holiday Inn Express. Use internal and industry data to achieve development objectives (increasing the number of development and conversion opportunities, improving the overall quality of deals, and increasing the conversion rate); 负责业务规划流程,以识别和确定智选假日酒店的最佳分配。 利用内部和行业数据实现发展目标(增加项目开发和转换机会的数量,改善项目的整体质量并提高项目转换率)
  • Develop, manage and increase Holiday Inn Express presence and visibility at major Industry and Investment conferences. Elevate the preferability of Holiday Inn Express within the investment community by aggressive education and sharing brand success stories and marketing programs; 开发、管理和提升智选假日酒店在主要行业和投资会议中的影响力和知名度。 通过积极的培养并分享品牌成功案例和营销计划,提高智选假日酒店在投资界的优选性
  • Prepare presentation packages and present IHG for potential owner.准备情况介绍资料包并向潜在业主介绍IHG
  • Work with Marketing to review local market demands, identify key competitors and conduct necessary analyses. Work closely with Legal, Business Support, Operations and Technical Services throughout the project development process.  与市场营销部门合作,评估本地市场需求,确定主要竞争对手并进行必要的分析。 在整个项目开发过程中,与法律部,业务支持部,运营部和技术服务部紧密合作
  • Responsible for tracking Technical Services Fee collections for the handling projects and update Finance accordingly.  负责跟进处理项目的技术服务费收取并相应地告知财务

Your day to day

Required Skills  必备技能

  • Effective organization and time-management skills. Strong analytical, negotiation, and consensus-building skills, effective presentation, communications and interpersonal skills. Detail oriented. Proficient PC skills.  有效的组织和时间管理技能。 较强的分析,谈判和建立共识能力,有效的表达,沟通和人际交往能力。 注重细节。 熟练的PC技能。
  • Require moderate to significant travel.  需要中度至频繁的出差。


Experience 工作经验

  • 7+ year working experience in hotel business, and preferably in hotel management development function or S&M aspect with 3+ year experience on DOS position or above. Similar Management/Franchise experience on the economy hotel will be an advantage.  7年以上的酒店业务工作经验,最好在酒店管理开发部门或市场销售方面具有3年以上销售总监或以上职务的经验。 在酒店方面具有类似的管理/特许经营经验将是一个优势。
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