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Developer, Development Director/Senior Manager/Manager 酒店开发优才

Hotel Brand: IHG Corporate Office
Location: Mainland China, Shanghai, Shanghai

Job number: CORPORATE05710

About Us

Job Summary 工作概述

Drive the strategic growth of IHG Brands within Greater China through the negotiation of management contracts and franchise agreements to maximize value creation for IHG PLC shareholders. 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities  基本职责和责任

  • Develop and execute IHG’s development plans according to the strategic direction of the company. Leverage strong industry knowledge and superior sales skills to sign deals.  根据公司的战略方向,制定和执行洲际酒店集团的发展计划。 利用强大的行业知识和卓越的销售技巧签订协议。
  • Source, evaluate and convert potential leads into projects. Work closely with internal and external departments (such as Hotel Lifecycle & Growth, Legal, Operations, Finance, etc.) to facilitate analysis, evaluation, approval and closure of prospective opportunities.  寻找、评估潜在业务并将其转化为项目。 与内部及外部部门(如酒店开业事业、法律、运营、财务等)密切合作,以促进分析、评估、批准和实现潜在机会。
  • Well balance approach to volume and value. Use NPV as guideline to actively chase and be responsible for signing high-value deals whilst maximize the system size.  很好地平衡总量与价值。以净现值为指导,积极努力争取并负责签订高价值项目,同时最大限度地扩大系统规模。
  • Provide comprehensive research data regarding viability of markets and preferred site locations for development by brands; manage the structuring, negotiating and closing of deals throughout the development process.  提供有关市场可行性和品牌开发首选场地位置的综合研究数据;在整个开发过程中,管理项目的架构、谈判和完成。
  • Drive consistent revenue growth and achieve individual and team signings target and Priority Gap Cities Distribution.  推动收入持续增长,实现个人和团队签约目标以及优先缺口城市的发展。

Your day to day

Required Skills  必备技能

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in fluent Mandarin and English. 流利的普通话和英语口语和书面沟通技巧。
  • Strong negotiation, influencing / consensus building, analytical and presentation skills. 强大的谈判、影响力/共识创建、分析和表达能力。
  • Knowledge of deal structuring, contracts agreements, hotel real estate markets as well as complex financial structures. 了解交易架构、合同协议、酒店房地产市场以及复杂的财务结构。
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, culturally sensitive. 较强的人际交往能力和沟通能力,文化敏感力。
  • Be able to deal with diversified types of deal include new building, conversation and renewal. 能够处理多种类型的交易,包括新建项目、换牌项目和续约项目。
  • Require significant travel. Be able to manage and control the travel expense to moderate. 需要大量的旅行。 能够管理并适度控制差旅费用。


Qualifications  资格条件

  • Bachelor’s degree or Master degree in Economics, Real Estate, Finance, Hotel Management, or a relevant field of work or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience. 经济学、房地产、金融、酒店管理或相关工作领域的学士或硕士学位,或类似的教育背景和相关工作经验的结合。


Experience  所需经验

  • At least 3 years working experience in a hotel management, real estate consulting firm, hospitality or hospitality consulting firm or company or similar. 至少 3 年在酒店管理、房地产咨询公司、酒店或酒店咨询公司或类似公司的工作经验。
  • Sufficient knowledge of financing principles, hotel operations, management contracts, deal structuring as well as familiarize with hotel real estate markets. 充分了解融资原则、酒店运营、管理合同、交易结构并熟悉酒店房地产市场。
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