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厦门集美海景皇冠假日酒店-Crowne Meeting Director 皇冠会务总监

Hotel Brand: Crowne Plaza
Location: Mainland China, Fujian, Xiamen

Hotel: Crowne Plaza Xiamen Jimei Seaview

Job number: HOTEL47730

About Us

- Ensure that the Crowne Plaza KEYS are implemented and cascaded to every Crowne Meetings team members. 确保完成皇冠假日酒店会议及相关工作的完成并贯穿整个会议销售团队. - Guides and provides guidance to the Crowne Meetings Team on dealing with special guest requests. 对团队进行指导并提供引导使之解决客人的特别要求. - Ensure that the Crowne Meetings Processes are implemented and follow through. 确保皇冠会议程序的完整并彻底跟进. - Ensure that forecasted or actual revenue for each event is updated into IBP. 确保将预测及实际营业额输入IBP系统. - Monitors competitors activities and assists in marketing intelligence 监察竞争对手的商业活动和协助监察市场动态 - Sells to new, existing and prospective customers considering goals set forth in the sales strategy, negotiating optimum rate for the benefit of the business 根据在销售策略中既定目标,向新的、现有的、有潜质的可谈判最适合的价格以争取最大的利润 - Sell all facets of the hotel 销售酒店的所有设施 - Provides direction on, and conducts market research and analysis 提供市场发展的趋势,进行市场调查和分析 - In conjunction with Crowne Meetings Managers maintains close contact with business generators, meeting and convention planners, visitors/convention bureau, travel agents, tour operators, airlines, corporate accounts, Government Departments and other producers closely allied to Hotel business 根据酒店的营业需要,发展与业务联系人,会务策划者,游客或商务会议旅行社,旅游工作者,航空公司,公司客户,政府部门和其他的客人,并保持紧密的联系 - Monitors existing business and inputs into sales strategy meetings to maximize business 监督现有的客户并把其纳入销售策略以使业务量实现最大化 - Grows existing business and establishes and aggressively pursues new leads to develop the C&B segment 发展现有的客户和建立并跟踪新的会议信息以发展会议及宴会的业务 - Interfaces with operations on a timely basis 及时与运作部门进行交流 - Obtains feedback from clients and follows through with the necessary actions. 获取客户反馈意见,并采取必要行动跟进相关意见 - Closely monitor accounts revenue and business production. 密切关注每个客户及公司的业务量 - Entertain clients and conducts site inspections for potential clients 宴请客户并带潜在客户进行场地参观 - Ensure effective communication with clients and efficient coordination with departments concerned 确保与客户进行高效联系,并保证与宴会相关运作部门的高效沟通 - Source of potential new markets needing coverage and develop new emerging markets. 发掘潜在新市场,覆盖并开拓新市场份额 - Ensures highest standards of service and product quality are provided to guests at all times. 确保提供高品质的产品及服务 - Closely monitors and review Catering account performance, analyze revenue and business production. Implement or adjust strategies, procedures as needed to achieve the planned goals. 观察及回顾宴会销售方面的客户表现,分析市场及收入产量,完成或调整经营策略,使之达到预期目标

Your day to day

Required Skills – 技能要求 - Organized, with attention to detail 有组织能力、关注细节 - Excellent customer relationship management skills 良好的客户沟通和管理技巧 - Ability to work within a team and cross functional organization 团队合作能力、宴会组织能力 - Team management 团队管理能力 - Sound computer (excel, word, email) skills 电脑操作技巧(excel, word, email) - Ability to work with deadlines 时间的控制与安排 - Understanding core financial principles, such as revenue, yield, expenses, forecasting 了解财务制度,如:营业额,利润,花费及预估. - Qualifications to Crowne Meetings Director 皇冠会议总监资格认证 - Good master of using office software. 熟练掌握Office 办公软件 - Good speaking and writing English. 中英文书写及语言能力 - Familiar with Opera S&C system. Opera S&C系统 - Negotiation Skill of relative field. 相关行业的谈判技巧 Qualifications – 学历 - Diploma in Hotel Management, Sales & Marketing or related field. 酒店管理,市场销售或相关专业的大专学历 Experience – 经历 - Business Development Management experience 商业发展管理经验 - Event management / PCO experience 会议协调管理经验 - Food and Beverage service experience 餐饮服务经验 - Banquet Sales Experience 宴会销售经验 - Above one year working experience for the position 一年以上同等职位的工作经验

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