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厦门集美海景皇冠假日酒店-Cost Control Supervisor 成本控制主管

Hotel Brand: Crowne Plaza
Location: Mainland China, Fujian, Xiamen

Hotel: Crowne Plaza Xiamen Jimei Seaview

Job number: HOTEL47721

About Us

· Analyses F&B reports . 分析餐饮报告。 · Calculates F&B costs. 核算餐饮成本。 · Compares invoices, requisitions, sales & prepare reports showing cost vs sales. 对比发票、采购申请、销售并编制成本与销售报告。 · Conducts Checks. 进行核查。 · Spot checks on purchasing, receiving, storing, issuing functions and bar inventories. 抽查采购、收货、库存、发货工作的执行情况,及酒吧库存量。 · Conducts monthly food & butcher tests to determine yields. 每月对食品及粗加工进行测试来测定产出量。 · Work with the executive chef to prepare standard recipe cost detail. 与行政总厨共同制定标准食谱成本细节。 · Pre-cost all restaurant and banquet menus of all purchases and prepared items. Develop information to pre-cost all food items purchased. 计算所有餐厅及宴会菜单所需采购成本,建立所有食品采购成本的信息。 · Compares menus vs food cost vs sales price. 比较菜单的食品成本与售价。 · Controls portion and minimizes- wastages and pilferages. 合理控制出品分量,将浪费和失窃情况降至最低。 · Conducts market survey 进行市场调查。 · Checks quality of goods received. 检查已收货物的质量。 · Security in storage of goods. 确保物品的存储安全。 · Processes invoices. 处理发票 · Checks invoices against goods ordered and received. 核对货品定单及收货与发票是否一致。 · Checks unit costs. 核对单位成本。 · Calculates potential food & beverage costs. 计算标准食品和酒水的成本。 · Prepares recipe costs with Executive Chef. 与行政总厨共同制定食谱成本。 · Produces monthly F&B costs by outlet. 编制各餐厅每月餐饮成本报告。 · Supervises inventories. 监管存货情况。 · Checks stores requisitions and receipts against stock records. 检查出库申请和库房收货,以查证库房记录是否正确。 · Maintains par stock level and reviews regularly. 保持标准库存量并定期审核。 · Conducts monthly stock checks of F&B 、stationery & general stores. 每月进行食品、文具及总仓的库存盘点。 · Compiles reports. 编制报表。 · Investigates and reports any irregularities or excessive costs. 监督并汇报一切不正常或超标准成本。 · Prepares Monthly F&B Cost Control reports and analyses variances. 准备每月餐饮成本控制报告并对差异进行分析。 · Makes recommendations on cost reductions. 针对如何降低成本提出合理化建议。 · Highlights slow-moving stock items. 关注损耗慢的存货项目。 · Conducts purchase price comparisons. 进行采购价格比较。 · Conducts periodical purchase price comparisons of food & beverage items as well as operating supplies with other hotels. 定期将食品及物品采购价格与其他酒店作比较。 · Supervises receiving 监管收货情况 。 · Ensures Daily Receiving Records as prepared. 确保根据要求完成每日收货记录。 · Goods and services received are in line with quantities, qualities and prices ordered and agreed. 确保验收货品和服务的价格、质量及数量符合已审批的采购申请单要求。 · Periodically, review and confirm the procedures for receiving merchandise. 定期地对收货程序进行检查及评估。

Your day to day

· Demonstrate Awareness of OH&S policies and procedures and ensure all procedures are conducted safely and within OH&S guidelines and ensure your direct reports do the same 熟悉职业保健、安全职责相关政策和程序,以确保所有程序能得以安全地执行,并在职业保健和安全职责方针的指导下确保执行落到实处。 · Be aware of duty of care and adhere to occupational, health and safety legislation, policies and procedures 了解并坚持职业的、健康的、安全的立法、政策和程序。 · Be familiar with property safety, first aid and fire and emergency procedures and operate equipment safely and sensibly 熟悉财产安全、急救、消防和应急程序,并安全熟练的操作设备。

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